Housing project in Helsingborg
by Wilhelmson Arkitekter



Stockholm architects Wilhelmson Arkitekter have designed a housing project with windows that look like gilded picture frames. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.


Designed by professor Anders Wilhelmson, the project is to be built overlooking the sea in Helsingborg, Sweden.


Pictures are by Peter Thuvander and Danyal Taylan.


More about Wilhelmson Arkitekter on Dezeen: Peepoo bag by Anders Wilhelmson


Update: Wilhelmson Arkitekter have sent us a bit more text and some drawings:


Upper end housing proposed for a site just north of Helsingborg, Sweden. Generous apartments with clear views onto Öresund (the sound between Sweden and Denmark). Denmark is on the horizon.


2 houses, both with 6 stories. In total 14 apartments (9 of them duplex apartments), 100-170 sqm.
Enameled façade panels, glossy white. Cast aluminium window frames, gold leaf-plated.

Date of design: 2008-2009. Scheduled for planning decision September-October 2009.

Architect: professor Anders Wilhelmson
Collaborators: Danyal Taylan, Elin Rosenberg, Joanna Zawieja, Peter Kinnmark
Client: HSB Nordvästra Skåne

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  • Taste Less/full

    It is that kind of work that looks good for a minute, you blink, clear your eyes, then you hate

  • Kasper Benjamin reimer Hansen

    looks like a building with a bad skin disease.. horrible.. my eyes are burning..

  • Pankaj Toshniwal

    This is just Beautiful!

  • xyz

    Obviously, the interiors, or at least, the terrace detailing, could be influenced by the very successful mix of Corbusier & Bestegui:


    But, hopefully NOT where Bodkin advises:


  • Since the frame is the extension of architecture of each period, this concept is perhaps the most adroit use of the idiom, although the frames are a little close together, the concept still moves us to react in a way never seen before. We see the frame here as an anacronistic device to view the inside habitants in their spaces, looking out at the viewer looking in at the viewee…..is this reverse vouyerism?

    …….or just another way to sell a condo to an art collector?

  • archimaniak

    its so disgusting and tasteless that I’m glad I don’t live near that thing!
    and that’s why I LIKE it >;D

  • Wow! Stunning architecture.

  • GREAT add some digital picture display in the evening and it will be a PUBLIC hit ..love the minimalistic maximality

  • For a long time i have thought that conventional pre made window frames in generic sizes and standard materials are quite horrible and are uglifying architecture uniformly worldwide. Yet at the same time i am not comfortable with these gilded aliminium frames. -Think about window frames and their placement more-this design is perhaps saying to the consumer, craftsperson and designer of architecture.-and to those who give planning permission seemingly only to boring generic window framed buildings.