Eco Warrior by Rezon


Tokyo design brand Rezon have designed a cotton bag for people to wear over their heads when they see people exhibiting ungreen behaviour.

The cotton bag, which is available as a standard edition and a High Class version printed with silver or gold lame ink, allows shoppers rapidly to transform themselves into eco warriors.

Here's text from Rezon:



"Who's ECO WARRIOR?" Anyone can be a HERO! ECO WARRIOR BAG is a eco-bag that represents you are an Environment activist. If you see "Anti-manner" people like dumping a cigarette butt on street, not separating garbage by type, transform ECO WARRIOR! Then, give them a warning very kindly instead of a drop kick. Standard class and High class that is printed with lame ink are available.

Size : H 300mm Material : Cotton 100%
Weight : 100g (Item) / 180g (Package incl.

Color : Gold / Silver Size : H 360mm Material : Cotton 100%
Weight : 5g (Item) / 10g (Package incl.

Designed by : Hideo Kawamura

Produced by Kawamura Hideo Activity Inc.


Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2009 at 10:49 am by Brad Turner. See our copyright policy. Before commenting, please read our comments policy.

  • ste

    “The cotton bag, which is available as a standard edition and a High Class version printed with silver or gold lame ink, allows shoppers rapidly to transform themselves into eco warriors.”

    haha… i want to be a betatester here!!! ;-)

  • modular

    I was punched in the stomach for such silliness.

  • Says

    Come on fire away the comments!!
    There are serious issues to be worried about, along being GREEN!
    Food crisis is on its way,New world order to name a few,..
    What is world comming to…..

  • Katy McDevitt

    bahahahaha! Okay, that’s some comedy gold, people. I would LOVE to see those interactions unfold, both for “correct” ecological reasons and also for the mirth they would induce.

  • J.L.

    Very exciting!!,i would love to wear one!!

  • O.

    what’s the link with mexican catchers?….
    I thought they had good masked heroes in Japan!

  • dinah

    does anyone really think this will ever be used by sane people?!?!

  • sean

    Modular used the right word, silliness. I would also say that this is not just silly, but ridiculous. A lame way to try to force people to conform to someone else’s point of view and way of life. If living a green life is such a great thing then live by example and everyone else will see it for what it is and follow. A bunch of idiots putting bags on their heads trying to scare or force others to conform should be punched in the stomach.

  • Xit

    The idiot that wears(buys) this has no eye holes and as is as blind as the brand that designed it.

  • kaptainkrunch

    Where do I get one?!?!?!
    This is brilliant, suddenly anyone can be an environmental vigilante.

    I think it’d be better to have clear Eye holes though. And the idea falls apart if there’s anything actually in the bag. Eco-warriors ultimate adversary become having gone to the shops.

  • tmac

    hahahah this is delightfully dumb and tacky. I’d buy one for me and all my friends for sure! I wouldn’t call this a “lame way to try to force people to conform” since it is so blatantly humorous. It’s not threatening, its silly.

    great job!

  • sketchbook

    how do i beat someones ass if i can’t see them?!

  • icaronycteris

    i also don’t see the link with el santo’s mask design or anywhere citing that it came from there, besides I also think that japanese imagination is way unique to have this just as it is…

  • squeed

    why put the bag on your own head when you could be putting it on the “offenders” head?? surely that would make more

  • ste

    “how do i beat someones ass if i can’t see them?!”

    thats the clue! you can wear the bag as a mask to hide your idendity in your brutal eco-fight… now they need to protect people from hurt one another so they thought lets make em’ blind ;-) just for safety reason!

  • sis

    green bullshit!

  • SB

    made me smile. good work.

  • mimi

    funny but does it change anything..?