Lampada by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec


French designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec will launch a ceramic lamp for Bitossi Ceramiche at Super Design in London this week.

Called Lampada, the collection includes a desk, table and floor light, each produced in a limited edition of 49.

The lamps are made of sintered alumina, normally used in the electronics and aerospace industries as an electrical insulator with a high level of heat resistance.

Super Design opens tomorrow and continues until 18 October. The lamps will then be available from Vessel Gallery in London.

Here's some more information from Vessel Gallery:


Vessel Gallery

LAMPADA by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
In collaboration with Bitossi Ceramiche

Worldwide Launch 15th-18th October 2009 at Super Design, London

Later on showing at Vessel Gallery from 24th October - 31st December 2009

Vessel Gallery is proud to launch LAMPADA, a lighting project by the Bouroullec brothers exploring the connection between technical ceramics in the form of art and design. The lamps are made in Sintered Alumina, a material produced for technical purposes in different fields of electronics as the material doesn't conduct electricity, used in aerospace technologies and many other fields where a high heat resistance is required. Industrie Bitossi has been producing this material since 1960.

Bitossi Ceramiche, a historical ceramic manufacturer known for important design projects with artists like Ettore Sottsass, Karim Rashid, Arik Levy and many others, decided to face the hard challenge together with the Bouroullec brothers who were immediately fascinated by the aesthetical potentialities of this material. Ceramic Alumina is white, with a smooth and velvet-like surface. It is aesthetically so charming that it was unavoidable to turn it into pure design objects.

Lampada will have it’s first presentation at Super Design* on the 15th October in Belgrave Square London. It will later be exclusively shown in the UK at Vessel Gallery.

Lampada comes in three different heights, as a desk lamp height 55cm, a table lamp height 66cm and a floor lamp height 77cm. Each size available in edition of 49pcs worldwide.

Lampada by the Bouroullec brothers
For Bisotti Ceramiche in Edition of 49 pieces
Available at Vessel Gallery

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  • JJF

    Very nice…

  • modular

    Once again the Bouroullec’s have managed to do something great.

    I really love these guys! They should take some sun though. They’re way too pale! ;)

  • I would love to know how they get it so right every time…stunning…and if not for the limited run it could be a classic!

  • mil


  • mister smith

    It looks like a penis, …

  • It’s basically the same design as their “bells” series in 2005. The main difference is their change in material from laquered metal to ceramics. Great design, though. It reminds me of Stanley Kubrick films for some reason.

  • lars

    what is the light source? with such a high-tech material it hopefully isn’t a halogen bulb but a led module. it only says that the material is highly heat resistant, but is it able to conduct and dissipate the heat generated by high-power leds?

  • Xit

    These guys really are great I agree, in the last 10 years they’ve proved their talent. But I feel they’re running out of steam within the realms of their own pared down style, almost a ‘style exhaustion’.

    I thought the Vitra chair was a brave attempt to move into a new area but unfortunatley it lacks the lightness and beauty of their previous work.

    I’m unmoved by this lamp as it’s just another trophy for the desk of an art collector, but I’m sure the brothers will be back soon with more freshness.

  • W

    Just in time for mushroom season. Look forward to seeing it in the flesh.

  • it like the hat of a soldier

  • These lights are awesome looking. It looks like something almost out of a pixar design.