Squares by Nosigner


Tokyo 09: Japanese designer Nosigner presented a jewellery box with square drawers at Design Tide Tokyo earlier this week.

Called Squares, the front of the piece is divided into squares of different sizes.

The surface is pollished using a technique traditionally used for finishing mirror stands in the Tokushima prefecture of Japan.

Drawers are only released if the central one is opened first.

Nosigner also launched a collection of modular furniture called Unit at Design Tide Tokyo (see our previous story).

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Photographs are by HATTA.

Here's some text from Nosigner:


SQUARES jewelry case

There are rectangles which could make different size of squares, called 'Perfect Rectangles'. SQUARES are accessory cases which were designed by these rectangle.

The surface was polished by piano finish with sheepskin, which is a unique technique of making traditional mirror stand in Tokushima prefecture, Japan.

Whole drawers of SQUARES are not open until the center drawer is open.
This is a traditional trick used for Japanese drawer.

(AWA : Kitatani x NOSIGNER)

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  • I really like what thet do. This piece of furniture is nice.

  • Norwege

    Allready Zeen.. but cool

  • miguel

    :) looks like something from the 60´s

  • mosi

    I like it but… it is not useful.

  • contourregard

    craftsmanship isn’t so good, judging from the closeup shots from the front.

  • nonane

    i’d prefer to choose mondrian cabinet from capellini than this. nice legs though..

  • Luke

    LOVE it and love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  • no comment of modular ?

  • karl

    just don’t ask the designer about how the locking mechanism works, cause he doesn’t know.

  • Sleek 80’s design look modernized, great lipstick color! love it

  • Missy

    love this, like the architectural feel…. but it looks really like the Elementi cupboard (patterned copper) launched by AF Designs at TENT London 2 months earlier ….