Very Hungry by Mimijumi


Nashville designers Mimijumi have created a baby's bottle shaped like a breast.

Called Very Hungry, the bottle aims to mimic the colour, form and texture of a nipple.

It has a wide neck to facilitate easy filling and a screw-on teat moulded in one piece.

The packaging was designed by Dan Stiles.

Here's some more information from the designers:


mimijumi releases the “Very Hungry” 8oz as complement to breastfeeding.

mimijumi, LLC launches their unique breast-like baby bottle in boutique retail locations nationwide. Gold Award Winner of the Spark Design & Architecture Awards, the mimijumi “Very Hungry” 8oz bottle is designed to replicate the look and feel of a mother's breast. Bold color and soft textures are combined to give the bottle a distinctive, eye-catching appearance.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advocates breastfeeding as the best for babies, mothers and families. “There is no more proven bonding experience than breastfeeding, but breastfeeding is not always possible” states creator of the bottle and board certified child psychiatrist, Dr. Bill Colomb. “At mimijumi, we have developed an innovative baby bottle to create a natural feeding experience that promotes healthy child development through parent-child bonding.”

The breast-like design of the mimijumi “Very Hungry” bottle continues the mother-child bonding experience, providing a calming effect on the baby. Less stress for the baby equals a calmer, less stressed mother. Working mom Lisa Vegors has a 5 month old son who she says “would not take any bottle” until she gave the mimijumi “Very Hungry” a try. “Elijah downed 3 oz. of milk in less than 3 min. It was like a miracle. I finally feel like I might get a little freedom back,” exclaims Vegors.

mimijumi's “Very Hungry” 8oz bottle is designed to closely mimic the breastfeeding experience with the color, form and texture of the nipple resembling the appearance of a mother's breast.

The bottle is made from highest quality BPA-free plastic and the nipple is made from food grade silicon to ensure safety and comfort. mimijumi President Dr. Frank Drummond describes the bottle as “easy to open, easy to clean and easy to fill with a wide mouth opening, screw on onepiece nipple and skid-free base.” The one-piece nipple includes an integrated ventilation system to aid in digestion and reduce colic further helping to calm the baby.

mimijumi, LLC based in Nashville, TN is a new design company that specializes in simple, safe and natural products for the modern family. mimijumi products are made for both baby and parent to create the most natural experience possible. On sale now are the “Very Hungry” 8oz bottle and replacement nipples in three flow rates. The “Very Hungry” is the first of an upcoming line of products.

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  • modular

    This makes me feel a bit weird and corny, yet babies must like this.

  • andrew

    I want one and I don’t even have a kid.

  • Rembo

    This makes me feel a bit weird and horny.

  • münte

    nice branding

  • mirro

    hmm….the shape is perfectible.

  • J*

    babies will like this if it FEELS like a breast, not like it if LOOKS like one. Fortunately, the blondes heads have absolutely no pre-conceived judgments on appearance! pffew.
    Not sure the designer have spent more time around [nice] breast or around babies…

  • male design team

  • Breastfeeding Adviser

    Another gimmick from the bottle feeding world.

    One questions whether the designer has looked at the shape of a Mother’s breast/ nipple when a Baby is actually Breastfeeding.

  • Guido

    1th year in the Academy idea, you must have thought of it to come up with better.

  • blo


  • Oooo… nice nipple. :->

  • I think the design is fabulous. They have created a very tasteful tribute to the real thing. You know the design is supposed to reflect the breast, but it does so in respectful way….this could have been sooo gross!

  • Will

    I still prefer the original Whipsaw design by IDEO, but very nice concept nevertheless, nice packaging.

  • anna

    come on guys!
    absolutely STUPID!

  • Matthias

    The designer probably spent more time watching pr0n than researching breastfeeding… :)

  • Ed

    so when you screw the top on your hands touch the nipple, therefore increasing the spread of infection. more thought needed if this is going to e a compelling and and useful product..

  • jonathan_bruen

    colour? do all nipples come in the same colour? i’d be interested to see the ‘barbie’s black friend’ version.

  • don harris

    i will take 2.

  • zafer soued

    Still good as functional and emotional
    we need that bond to add extra value to the objects..

  • SAO Accorsi

    Fill this with beer or rum and the market would be much ample.