Drawn from Clay by Atelier NL


Dutch designers Atelier NL have been awarded the Re:Vision Design Award by magazine Modern Painters for their ceramics collection made of clay collected from different farms.

Called Drawn from Clay, the hand-made items use clay sourced from farms in the Noordoostpolder region of the Netherlands.

Each item is stamped with a code recording the place where the soil was collected from.

More information in our earlier stories here and here.

The pieces are available from Gallery Libby Sellers.

Below is some information from Modern Painters Magazine:


Modern Painters Magazine Announces the Winners of the Inaugural Re:Vision Design Awards

Atelier NL, a Holland-based ceramics company, has been declared the winner of the Re:Vision Design Awards sponsored by Modern Painters for their “Drawn from Clay” series. Each piece of hand-crafted pottery is made from a specific plot of soil taken from different farms across a 460 square kilometer polder. The overriding principal behind the series was to keep the symbiosis between object and origin as pure and integral as possible.” We wanted to make tableware so that the vegetables prepared for dinner could be served from vessels made from the same soil the vegetables came out of,” explains designer Lonny Van Rijswijck. To further the correlation, Atelier NL devised a systematic ratio system for the size of each piece and stamped each vessel with a geo-code reference to match the plot the soil came from. The prize carries an award of $10,000 and a feature in the May issue of Modern Painters magazine.

The launch of this new international competition, The 2010 Re:Vision Design Awards, is in celebration of the magazine’s long-standing coverage of contemporary design and architecture as well as art. Established in 1986, the magazine showcases creators—artists, designers, filmmakers, and architects who are experimenting with new ways of seeing the world. “Modern Painters is singular in the art world in its commitment to exploring the creative process and mind,” said Marisa Bartolucci, Editorial Director of the Louise Blouin Media Group.

In December, emerging designers in the fields of furniture, lighting, product, and interior and environmental design were invited to “revisit, rethink, and re-imagine how we live in our homes and to conceive an object that offers a new, more enlightened lifestyle.” The magazine received more than 100 entries from over 20 countries, from Vilnius, Lithuania to São Paolo, Brazil. The international jury included designer Ross Lovegrove; Droog co-founder Renny Ramakers; chief curator at the  Museum of Arts and Design, David Revere McFadden; furniture maker and professor of furniture design at the Rhode Island School of Design, Rosanne Somerson; dealer in vintage modern and contemporary furniture, Cristina Grajales; and Design Within Reach founder, Rob Forbes.

“What impressed me greatly with this group of applicants and with the award winners was the elegant simplicity of their concepts and the finesse of execution. In these times of economic uncertainty, I think we are all thinking smaller, longer lasting, sustainable, modest. Each of these winners, and particularly the grand prize winner, eloquently express these ideals,” said David Revere McFadden. Designer Rochus Jacob was runner-up with his thermodynamic cooler and Pegah Galambor/Jan Hormann for their Klappwand (folding wall). Both were awarded $2,500 each, and will also be profiled in the May 2010 issue of Modern Painters, as well as posted on artinfo.com in May. Also being featured on the website in May are seven honorable mentions.

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  • geronimo

    very simple but warm:)!

  • mahrous

    great job

  • Basker

    On the money.

  • atal

    Well deserved award!

  • modular

    Congrats guys. Good work here!

  • lior

    absolutly lovely!!!

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  • Kitty

    The plate with the porcelain legs is astounding!

  • So earthy & design, so authentic & beautifully aesthetic, it’s a typical Dutch style, sober but with this little touch, just enough to make it different without showing off! In addition, it’s a nice intellectual approach which cause in me a lovely reflextion, (myself I am into ceramics but dramatically different style).

    Well done Ladies BRAVO!

    François Beydoun

  • Very elegant…

  • Matt

    Almost makes me cry, to own and use this would be so very grounding. A simple meal or soup served in this would rejuvenate the soul

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