Industry by Tom Dixon


Milan 2010: Lighting made of double-walled spun metal will be among the new products to be launched by British designer Tom Dixon in Milan this April.

Other new pieces will include a wooden cafe chair called Peg and a bench made of the rough timber that industry normally discards, which is a continuation of the Offcut series (see our earlier story).

The collection will be called Industry and presented at Superstudio Piu in Zona Tortona, where the Tom Dixon team will be assembling digitally-manufactured brass lamps on the stand.

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Here's some text from Dixon:

Stand 12, Superstudio Piu Via Tortona, 27, Milan

British lighting and furniture company TOM DIXON launches a new collection entitled INDUSTRY at Super Studio Più as part of Milan Design Week 2010.

What would normally be a static trade show booth will be transformed into a FLASH FACTORY where the process of industrial production will be brought directly to the customer. A digitally manufactured brass lamp will be available either flat-packed to the size of an envelope or assembled on site by the Tom Dixon team. The installation aims to demonstrate new found power of the designer, as a digital manufacturer, able to access world markets with fresh products in previously unimaginable time scales.

New products include Void, a mysterious lighting object with a double wall spun construction available in solid copper , brass or stainless steel.

Peg, a supremely adaptable, unusually efficient solid wood stackable café chair. The long awaited return of Jack, the polyethylene ‘sitting, stacking, lighting thing’ now back in its natural home with the motto: it’s back -it also comes in black and it stacks. Offcut Bench, using the rough part of a log which is typically discarded in wood production to give each piece unique character, it is flat packed and can be assembled without any additional screws or glue.

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  • ARS

    The lighting objects are very Anish Kapoor…

  • Cr

    Tom Dixon is a !@#$ hero ! .. so consistent. I love his new work.

  • Tayab

    Anish Kapoor

  • modular

    Those lights look like a trumpet mouthpiece. Wicked!


  • Kristopher Adams

    His work or his company’s work? Let’s not beat around the bush, Tom Dixon is a brand under which many people are involved, not just Tom anymore.

    These are great designs though and yes, I am also a fan of this ‘company’s’ work.

    Their output is as consistent as you can get in this very fickle industry.

  • Milou

    Jeff Koons

  • I think the lights will be very popular in the hospitality industry. I look forward to seeing them pop up in new boutique hotels and stylish restaurants/lounges in the coming year. With this new line, as always, Mr. Dixon has done a lovely job of elevating simple materials and forms into beautiful designs.

  • Myang

    Nice! Watch out the so called ‘designers’ in Asia will spec these new ones and the factory in China will mass produce the knock off ones.


    The support for the benches are clever. Nice work as always

  • Joshua

    Kristopher Adams – oh so true.

    Myang – their stuff is all made in China anyway – same as everyone else!

  • Kristopher Adams – true, but then almost all “designers” these days are “brands” whose work is created by a team. Even artists such as Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons have people who produce the work for the.
    But at the end of the day nothing is produced without first being approved by the “boss” .
    Personally we’re loking forward to seeing if “Void” is a completly new product, or just a further development of the Copper Shade range…..