Zouhria by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas


More from Italian design brand Alessi: here are a couple of images showing a ceramic vase by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas Architects.

Called Zouhria (Flower Vase), the piece forms part of a series of limited editions and is perforated with large round holes.

More about Alessi's new collection:

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Here's some more text from Alessi:

For the last two years we have been refining the entrance of this large Vase into our series of limited editions of 99 pieces each. The designers’ zeal and their unflagging vivacity have finally found fulfillment in “Zouhria”, which in Maghrebi Arabic refers to a “flower vase”, and at the same time is also, for us, a chance to celebrate the interesting new entry in the collection of the two Italian architects.

Large vase in ceramic. Limited edition of 99 numbered copies and 9 artist's proofs.

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  • Simple, pretty and modern, BRAVO!

    Francois Beydoun

  • fris

    Is it Karim Rashid now working for Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas Architects ?

  • ah. a vase.

  • bravo looking good :)

  • vincenzo

    un’offesa alla parola “vaso”

  • urban_playground

    wow.. such a difference in these pictures… yellow

  • contaminazioni

    dezeen can u explain the sense of different background behind the same picture?

    Fuksas u re a good architect, leave vases to other people, specially if u ve to come out with old contemporary visual language.

  • Japr

    I stick to the first commentary, almost:
    Simple, deja vu so many times and modern (it’s true, it’s modern, modern meaning something that belongs at least to 60 years ago).
    No one needs this vase, not even Fuksas. This vase won’t give them visibility (he has more than enough), and Alessi no longer needs objects with a spicy signature in its bottom. Unless it demonstrates to sell sooooo well, so then you’re right, but alessi could afford betting on surprising, both the design world and the market, as they did 15 yrs back.

  • haloloop

    ehem… who’s doriana?