Bubbles by Dream and Fly


Barcelona company Dream and Fly have designed a series of miniature hotel rooms for busy places like airports and train stations.

Called Bubbles, the modules will come in different sizes and be rented by the hour so travellers can work rest or shower.

The Single Bubble sized will be equipped with a sleeping area, bathroom, small folding workspace with internet access, monitors displaying boardings times and a sound system.

The larger Family Bubble will also include baby changing facilities, while the Simple Bubble will provide only a sleeping area.

Watch a video of the prototype here.

See also: Sleepbox by Arch Group

Here is some more information from the designers:

Dream and Fly is a micro-hotel concept by hours. It is made up of small independent bubbles that allow for great versatility in the areas in which they are installed.

Ideal for areas with large concentrations of people like airports, sea ports, events, resorts, international fairs where mobility is necessary. Aimed at passengers in transit, airports, safaris, macro events without time to travel to the nearest hotel.

The bubbles are small luxury rooms with a fully equipped bathroom / bedroom,  offering a new type of comfort, high degree of technology reduced to the essential, and at a low cost.

Inspired by the nature of a womb, this space aims to transmit a feeling of protection in contrast to the movement and agitation of the outside world - a world of four dimensions, static but equally dynamic - safety, comfort, tranquility and isolation are the characteristics on which this micro hotel and bubbles are designed.

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  • Hmm.

    Where ever do they get their ideas I wonder:


    Our lawyers will be in touch.

  • Katerina

    Dear Arch Group,

    I believe you are based in Russia, have been there once (big country).

    Anyway you do not need to threaten with the lawyers, it is low level at this point. I have been by coincidence at the birth of the same idea a couple years ago. So, you are not the only original one, just accept this fact. And if you dig a bit of market research there are already several low cost hotels approximate to this concept. I like Dream and Fly, it is a good and well thought concept. But does your really exist and is implemented in some place?

    So be brave and allow free competition.


  • Kong

    I like the arch group renders better, so i am with them , unleash the lawyers !

  • popcorn anyone ?

  • that shower is a killer app! depending on the price per hour i might have to buy 10 pack! or just install one in my apartment…

  • Let´s make a sleepbox boat fight (i hope they float).The loser will have to sleep in his own sleepbox.

  • keith

    To Arch Group

    I notice your project was published in November last year, do you really believe these guys copied you, produced a 1:1 mock up and got someone to agree to exhit it between then and now?

    Its an old concept, get over yourselves

  • jimmy

    Well To the both of you I did a student project exactly like this two years ago. By the logic here you all owe me money – or just realize that people have similar ideas from time to time…

  • What will prevent their use as hotsheet flophouses for couples in a hurry? I hear in Korea and Japan those tiny micro by the hour hotels end up getting used by romantic couples who don’t have a lot of privacy from families in their own domestic space, whats the real business model here? Looks fine, and I’m all for new clever amenities in public spaces, so I’m curious about its practicality.

  • klejdi eski

    however this is better than Arch Group’s… Even the lawyer will like this one more :-)

  • michelalano

    *gasp* ! oh em gee, someone could have SEX in it!!!111

  • Good Idea

    Why don’t you discuss the idea / project instead of being worried about who think or made it first?

  • Alfred

    To Arch Group:

    Well, I have had a look a both concepts and I do not understand the acid comment of the Arch Group regarding Dream and Fly. Your sleep box does NOT remind me very much on a fully equipped and comfortable micro hotel room, but rather on a coffin.
    So, don’t worry, your concept should run very well on graveyards, whereas Dream and Fly most likely will occupy different locations. That way you will not get into competiton trouble either …

  • Hugo Rodrigues


    You are falling on the ridiculous here, ideas are born from needs, and needs are position in time and space. Globalization will make more and more people realize the path forward at the same time.

    Remember this variety on the market makes your product grow, instead of war why not an pact to actual take the ideas from paper into reality…

    Then you can worry about world domination. However I am sure that the world will be big enough for both to coexist.

  • Peter

    Look it’s a capsule hotel! http://www.yotel.com/

  • Ray

    I designed a house once with a floor, roof and walls. Then someone else copied me!!!


  • jack

    I designed a bed once. I’m pretty sure I had the idea first.
    I’m suing everyone.
    And will be rich.

  • memo

    did someone called a lawyer ?

  • Doug

    To Arch

    Really guys get over yourselves….giving it the ‘I’m going to tell my lawyer’ ! do you really think you are so original and exclusive ? I actually prefer your scheme, but because of your elitist attitude hope that Dream And Fly go further….this idea has been around for yonks…..pathetic

  • edward3ah

    this is exactly one of the reasons why i visit dezeen.com

    more power to the comments section!

  • daniel

    they both look like decorated ducks! So lets thank the All Mighty for the commonality of each designer or at least accept the common forces both designs respond to.

  • MartyPelo

    Got to agree with edward here ! loving the comments guys !

    Arent Yohotel doing a similar kind of design as well ? ha ha

  • Ines Pupo

    Great comments, yes!
    But I have to say the bubbles rule! They talk about confort, peaceful moments and great design!…
    I can’t wait to try them!

  • Hi all!
    First we must say that the first comment wasn’t made by our company. And we are very glad to see that many are intrested in solving the same problems as we are. There are a lot of concepts allready made in that direction, and all of them are worthy.

  • Bozo

    Frequent Flyer points included?

  • Wadi

    Functionality?! I would love to see the designer cleaning all this narrow corners. And what about using all of the available room and saving weight with the best materials. Seems like this guys have no idea about the lowest regulations for the aircraft industry!

  • Have you all been asleep for the last few years? Try Yotel and now sleepbox. Im the CEO of Yotel.

  • be careful arch group, re the lawyers XBOX 360 could have some issues re graphics! and styling. both designs and the many other student type schemes are great for the promotion of innovation!

  • Jetwax

    G’dday Gerard, so are you going to get the lawyers in too? I’m with those who love the comments section. As for the design, I prefer this one to Arch’s. Common sense dictates that a number of aspects would have to be implemented with any of these “lodges”. They have been well covered by others, so no need to repeat. I’m sure there’s a market for them in the locations described d;-)

  • Grant

    “Inspired by the nature of a womb” – legitimate, but it makes me laugh. Only architects, designers or philosophers write in this style.

  • Perigeum

    LETS GET REAL – these designs are both not ‘all that’, if a first year student of mine would come with this we would all have good laugh.. we’d tell him; nice concept although not very original.. maybe you could make it inot something if the design is smashing instead of this boring stuff. We’d tip him not to look at too many architectural images and come up with a better idea! haha

    man.. this stuff is not even worth paying a lawyer for, though any judge would have a great laugh about these simplistic architectural wannabees!

  • TW

    Over the last decade, every architecture/interior design course from every university in the world present handfuls of remarkably similar designs for their final year projects.

    No idea is ever new.

  • Doug

    Yes I wonder where they get their ideas from Arch Group ?


  • cebalus

    They got their Ideas from http://www.dreamandfly.es

  • M4lic3

    I think the Yotel concept is the best out of all of these. The Sleep Box would make me have a claustrophobic heart attack,the Dream & Fly is marginally better in that its not only half a meter wide and looks slightly more open and airy but Yotel is very cool and spacious enough that you don’t feel that at any moment your room may be covered in 6 feet of grave dirt.