Silver Candlesticks by David Taylor

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Designer David Taylor has created a pair of candlesticks each made of three silver tubes clamped together by a found plastic component to form a tripod.

The longer of the three tubes has been folded to form a vertical holder for the candle. See also: Kink furniture made of folded tubes by Osko+Deichmann.

Taylor has also created an LED lamp using the same clamp, folded tube and a found yellow shade.

The text below is from David Taylor:

My work with complimentary interior objects is made on a very small scale. Often made to order and place specific. This lamp utilises a dimmable LED unit giving a good reading light. The shade is plastic, cannabalized from a fleamarket find, as are the plastic construction elements. The candlesticks are made from silver, the light source here being of course a candle.

Made for a private client as part of a larger interior project.

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Posted on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 at 4:49 pm by Catherine Warmann. See our copyright policy. Before commenting, please read our comments policy.

  • tanya telford – T

    gosh, am totally responding emotionally to these too, again due to personal memories, so maybe my (this comment/entry) comment isn’t very helpful,

  • jahara

    Yellow is a very nice color. I like it.

  • design traveller

    I like the style, but the yellow joints look a bit awkward…

  • murve

    The joints would looks nice if they were wooden a nice mahgony or something. they should easy to CNC the joint maybe in 2 halves.

  • T

    Nice work.
    Yellow is perfect.