Lik+Neon by Gitta Gschwendtner


Designer Gitta Gschwendtner has completed the interior of a shop in east London that features lighting made of plastic milk bottles.

Called Lik+Neon, the shop stocks T shirts, magazines, jewellery and art objects.

Magazines, CDs and records are displayed on a grid of elasticated ropes, while a seemingly-random composition of square pegs supports clothing and jewellery.

Photographs are by Uli Schade.

The information below is from Gschwendtner:

LIK+ NEON shop design

Design shop Lik+Neon have commissioned the designer Gitta Gschwendtner to redesign their eclectic and vibrant shop in London.

Lik+Neon sell a unique selection of products including T-shirts, art magazine, interior objects, jewellery and art pieces.

The display concept for the varied stock explores a juxaposition of order and randomness, cleverly integrating bungee cord to create tidy grids showcasing the beautiful covers of the magazines, cd’s and records, each one of them practically a piece of art in their own right.

In dynamic contrast, square display pegs jut from the walls in apparently random fashion, creating sculptural protrusion that function as hocks for prints, T-shirts and jewellery.

The pegs create a pixelated effect continued by Gschwendtner’s striking one-off ceiling installation-a lighting system devised from hundreds of plastic milk bottles, creating three glowing abstract clouds illuminating the white interior.

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  • E.

    Fun, Disorientating, Clean, GREAT!

  • This ‘all white’ shop design is a bit too clinical and gimmicky for me. White is a useful neutral background on which to display goods for sale but where is the heart and soul in this design?
    Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

  • yay, recycling!
    the milk bottles against the light have the mesmerizing effect of staring at it for a lonng time
    looks like a hive

  • The space of this shop is tiny and with colorful items on display it could be nothing but white. It is full of soul and vigor – you could only fit in 5 people inside without space being crowded. Also the shop is home to 3 cats.