The Imperfectionist by Sophie Duran


Designer Sophie Duran of Rotterdam has created a collection of facial jewellery including these lips that can be inflated with a hand pump.

Called The Imperfectionist, the series also includes a blue moustache and spectacle frames with a handle to wind false eyelashes up and down.

Here's some more information from Duran:


‘ Imperfection gives expression, expression gives power of attraction.’

Plastic surgery and media influences are examples why people all over the world are beginning to look more the same. That is a waste! It is scientifically proved, the more average, the less attractive. Individual unique characteristics make people attractive.

Therefore, I designed four jewels for the face; with these the user can define the intensity of his expression.

With a pump, you can blow up your lips in any desirable dimension, you can attach chains to a grill in the corners of your mouth, a blue moustache can be curled in different heights and meters of lashes can be wind up.

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  • OOO FAH! Those may be the ugliest things I’ve seen in some time. Just commit already and get some piercings.

  • Therese Senac

    ……uh?!?…. This is meant to be a joke?…. Right?

  • Too bad Edwina Monsoon isn’t around to latch onto THIS fad.

  • Anything is possible in life… ;)

    PS : it is certainly not my style this creative delirium, but why not!

    François Beydoun

  • nico

    i cant wait to read all the hilarious comments about this post. i think i’ll get the lips for my grandmother this mother’s day…

  • recon::decon

    I expect to see this in the next Lady Gaga video.

  • JP

    …genious pr – you hate it or love it – but one sure thing: it’s eye-catching and people will definately talk about it…


  • S


    Proud to be Dutch!

  • Be

    Bad bad taste !!

  • carolina

    Are you crazy!? You obviously haven’t seen this in real life. This work is beautiful! and if you do not understand it by only watching the pictures, try reading the text! These are conceptual jewellery and a big asset to the world of art/design jewellery.

  • WT

    WOW! like the designs and LOVE the statement! :)

  • Omikey

    Bad for a date… I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing all evening. No romance tonight.

  • julie-kim wright

    my man wanted to order the lips for me, hes always wanted me to have bj lips!!!!!!! im sure the will blow his mind!!!!!

  • julie-kim wright

    Awsome lips my man has begged me to get them!!!! I cant hink why?!!!!!

  • I think this is amazing. So inspiring to see jewellers taking a risk to make a statement.

  • Great lip pump for non-stop duck face photo making!