Hair salon by moomoo architects


Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

Polish studio moomoo architects have introduced mirrored columns, slanted walls and a clothes shop to the interior of this hair salon in Warsaw, Poland.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

The reflective columns serve as mirrors for stylists and shoppers, and open up to provide extra storage.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

The slanted walls have sections removed to create workspaces with integrated sinks and shelves to display hair products.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

The salon has rails suspended from the ceiling for clothes to hang on and a changing room concealed behind a mauve curtain.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

Here's some more from the architects:

The initial client’s request was to add a retail space to salon area.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

The salon therefore carries a secondary function - it also serves as an exhibition space for young designer's garments hand picked by a famous Polish designer.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

A fitting room is concealed behind the curtain wall which visually separates the retail function from the hair dresser's zone.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

Inclined wall planes are bisected by horizontal cuts which open shelf space for the exhibited hair products along with the functional sink surface.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

Tall slender mirror columns serve to both clients and the stylists, offering abundance of storage and function inside.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

Spacial dynamism and multiple reflections offer multiple perspectives into the space resulting in a playful creative environment for hair masters.

Hair Salon by MOOMOO Architects

Plenty of waiting space is provided for along the window openings as well as at the entrance.

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  • edward

    Love the colors but what's with the floor. Looks like mottled concrete.

  • Nico

    Really nice combination of different styles, materials. Good work!

  • chris

    @edward: this is a 3D model: look at those shirts!

    • edward

      Amazing! Your'e right.

    • Flip

      They should re-render, and include the missing strap in the Barcelona chair this time. I like the Type on the window. The Zoning works quite well, too.

  • kassaki Blades

    I am thoroughly convinced in this post. Amazing work. "All real education is the architecture of the soul." Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.

  • St Pete

    I have never seen a salon this nice all my life. Completely amazing and unbelieveable talent in the making.

  • hair salon worle

    This salon looks amazing. Thank you.

  • Zack HongHua Zhu

    Really nice combination of materials. The slanted wall made the whole space alive and flows. Great!