Form 3 by fuseproject for Jimmyjane


Form 3 by fuseproject for Jimmyjane

This waterproof sex toy has been designed by San Francisco designer Yves Béhar of fuseproject for sex toy brand JimmyJane.

Form 3 by fuseproject for Jimmyjane

Called Form 3, the design is Behar's second for the brand (see our earlier story) and has a thin flexible silicone pad extending from one end.

Form 3 by fuseproject for Jimmyjane

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The text that follows is from fuseproject:

FORM 3 is the second installment of our PLEASURE TO THE PEOPLE series of products with Jimmyjane. Following the success of the Form2 bestseller, Form3 adds a whole new dimension to human touch, and exemplifies Jimmyjane’s commitment to design, quality and enjoyment.

Form 3 by fuseproject for Jimmyjane

Form 3 offers an entirely new approach to pleasure. Its slim, curved profile flexes to meet the body – press in the center and the soft silicone touchpad extends, focusing the vibration exactly where it counts. The material and patented engineering innovation of the product amplifies touch, putting sensation at your fingertips.

Form 3 by fuseproject for Jimmyjane

“No one had high expectations of the design and functionality of their sexual products until Jimmyjane came along,” says Béhar. “Form3 is an excellent example of how innovation can transform experience – it features an ultrathin membrane that distorts under pressure, making tactile contact and local vibration uniquely adaptable.”

Form 3 by fuseproject for Jimmyjane

This new addition to the company’s best-selling line of form Vibrators incorporates Jimmyjane’s proprietary Waterproof Recharging Technology, This system enables all the Form3 vibrators to be completely washable, bath-friendly, and to never require replacement batteries.

All designs feature medical-grade silicone, are completely body-safe, and are backed by Jimmyjane’s unparalleled Three Year Limited Warranty. Most importantly, each offers its own unique power to please. To each their own.

Form 3 by fuseproject for Jimmyjane

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  • I thought it was a mouse :|

  • l-bow

    me too!and it could be perfect!!

  • Troy Hudson.

    Stunning design with safety in mind. Love it!

  • G.String

    I was wondering what new toys to get my cats … this will do …

  • John

    I don't get how it works. Would somebody care for a demonstration? ;)

  • Flo Braun

    when did dezeen start posting sex toys?

  • That's why it's problem to get laid. :)
    Design is nice though.

  • Dammit, I thought it was a 3D mouse!

  • Felix

    Er, surely the ultrathin membrane is going to dampen the vibrations?

    If you make a sex toy you should probably be OK talking about sex, so why is their description of the product so coy? I'm going to have to assume you put your finger on the thin membrane over the clitoris and this all helps you feel exactly what you're doing while the toy adds vibration to your touch. And maybe you could do the same thing to her g-spot but it looks like they forgot to design it for that because it'll be a bit too wide and short and for some girls.

    Wireless charging is nice but it hardly takes a design genius to decide to add that feature. They're using a lithium polymer battery, which I'm pretty sure WILL need replacing.

    Oh and by the way the price on their website is $145.00

    • STV

      U forgot to concider that they probably designed this for men too.

  • Marik

    Research and Development must involve a lot of fun homework!!!

  • Fizz

    Is this what they call digit-al technology?