New wing at Museo d’Arte Contemporanei di Roma
by Odile Decq


New wing at Museo d’Arte Contemporanei di Roma

This auditorium enclosed by a red-lacquered shell is part of a new wing at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanei di Roma designed by French architect Odile Decq and due to open later this year.

Poltrona Frau for MACRO by Odile Decq

Formerly the site of a slaughter house and brewery, the gallery wing now houses a cafeteria, reading room and auditorium.

Poltrona Frau for MACRO by Odile Decq

The auditorium's interior is entirely red with lacquered floors, ceilings and walls, and 146 leather seats.

Poltrona Frau for MACRO by Odile Decq

The cafeteria is surrounded by ceiling-height glazing and also has a red lacquered floor filled with 250 seats and 100 tables, custom-made by Italian brand Poltrona Frau.

Poltrona Frau for MACRO by Odile Decq

Here's some more from the designers:

Poltrona Frau is delighted to release details of its custom- made designs for the interior of the new wing at Rome’s newly recreated centre of art, IL MACRO (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma). Under the guidance of the award-winning architect Odile Decq, the new wing of the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma, which encompasses an old brewery and a former slaughterhouse, aims to provide a junction for ideas, artists, visitors to meet and admire.

Poltrona Frau for MACRO by Odile Decq

Known as ‘the dark soul of architecture’, Decq interlaces her plans with numerous irregular layers, creating 3-D designs that give the impression of a moving space.  In contrast to the dramatic, monochromatic auditorium space is the cafeteria and reading room. Situated within the exhibition area, with floor to ceiling windows, it provides a meeting point between the city and the world of contemporary art. Red lacquered floors are furnished with 250 Poltrona Frau seats and around 100 tables.

Poltrona Frau for MACRO by Odile Decq

The back of each seat is shaped with an origami effect, playing on the idea of volume and creating a clear, geometric outline that blends seamlessly with Odile Decq’s 3-D aesthetics. The square tables are a clear-cut, elemental design formed in anodized metal a with satin look. A hollow in the centre of each allows for the insertion of a special, battery- operated lamp, giving off an evocative candlelight appearance.

Poltrona Frau for MACRO by Odile Decq

Poltrona Frau’s lively, playful approach to interiors created within the museum complements current sentiments and subject matters in modern art. The company has developed furnishings that are both refreshing in style and sympathetic to the needs of a cultural space, enhancing the visitors experience of contemporary art in Rome.

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  • The red-lacquered shell is too jarring and much too intense. It would take away from any presentation going on as far as I'm concerned.

  • Saw it in real life while in Rome. Blew my mind. Well I did. I blew out my mind. Because of this. I blew my brains out because of this internally spiky blob. Like the inside of the Deathstar painted Red.

  • kumakuma

    needs more red…

  • Seen during the preview opening last May, the red auditorium is the heart and actually the only interesting part of the new MACRO Museum hall.

    Pictures of the outside and of the auditorium top can be seen at