Nike Zvezdochka by Marc Newson


Nike Zvezdochka by Marc Newson

Australian designer Marc Newson has created a limited edition range of his Zvezdochka shoes for sportswear brand NIKE.

Nike Zvezdochka by Marc Newson

Originally designed in 2004 and named after a russian dog sent into space in 1961, the shoes feature a flexible outer cage enclosing a replaceable mesh boot.

Newson and NIKE created the edition to celebrate the opening of Transport at Gagosian Gallery in New York, presenting Newson's speed boat designed for Aquariva (see our earlier story).

The limited edition is available in the same colourways as the boat.

The information that follows is from NIKE:

Nike Sportswear presents the NIKE ZVEZDOCHKA by MARC NEWSON

In honor of the opening of “Transport”, an exhibition that brings together Marc Newson’s extensive works on transportation and human locomotion, NIKE and Marc Newson will produce a limited run of the NIKE Zvezdochka. Taking its name from the Russian Dog who ventured into space aboard the Sputnik 10 in 1961, the NIKE Zvezdochka was originally conceived in 2004 from Newson’s fascination with space travel and the rigorous exercise required of cosmonauts in the depths of outer space.

“Transport” will premiere the Aquariva by Marc Newson, Newson’s reinterpretation of the iconic leisure speedboat. To celebrate Newson’s work NIKE will release the NIKE Zvezdochka, directly inspired by the color characteristics of the Aquariva by Marc Newson. The shoe comes in two unique color combinations of Grey/Mahogany and Grey/Aegean blue and features a pliant outer cage with an interchangeable mesh bootie as with the original release.

On September 13th, the NIKE Zvezdochka by Marc Newson will be available exclusively at the Gagosian Shop, New York, 988 Madison Ave, M-Sun10am-7pm and the day following at Nike Sportswear, 21 Mercer Street, M-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 12pm-6pm.

“Transport" opens on September 14th at Gagosian Gallery, 522 West 21st Street in New York City and will remain on view through October 16th 2010.

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  • fish fingers

    Finally a trainer from a 'trendy' designer that I would like to wear.. but not in bright aqua blue

    Trademark Newson.

  • ogami


  • I’ve owned these, they were really comfortable summer shoes. I wouldn’t compare them to crocs from an aesthetic point of view.

  • Xit

    old news, old fashion, i'd really like to say wow again when I see a Newson creation.

  • G.String

    not very new , but who cares , they are becoming a classic. I remember him wearing his own design shoes years back in Madrid .very cool.
    thumbs up !


    Old Testament shoes with a New Testament feel.
    Walk on water anyone?

  • Futurist

    Kudos to Newson for being omnipresent in the design press despite not being anything close to what should be described as "designer". Whatever i saw lately, his awful London apartment, the Dom Perignon box, the Fred Flintstone marble shelf, etc. are not only unfunctional and a waste of resources, they aren´t even the atmospheric styling phantasies any more you could once somehow love for their escapist qualities. And wow, how lucky we are now that the old dirt collecting shoes are produced again! I still have his also dirt collecting "Dish Doctor" somewhere in the basement. Maybe one day i borrow myself a high-pressure cleaner and sell it to a poor soul.

  • These shoes are very interesting…to say the least. I am not sure that I will ever purchase a pair, but I can appreciate the design.

  • my2cents

    Looks like Nike is still trying to pay off that rubber tooling from 2004…

  • mirtec

    reminds me of the camper wabi shoe…


  • kila

    the replaceable mesh boots inside the rubber layering…whre can we get them replaced…or spare ones…????

  • steve c

    If i could afford a trip to NYC I’d do it just to get a pair of these. They are uber cool-looking and as he is one of my top fave designers, I’d love to have another of his products. Wish they were available online for those of us in Canada who can’t quite get to New York.

  • Kota1960

    Make it with cork. Micro granules in the outer part mix, and it’s more ECO :) Looks great!