Thermal Till Paper Vessels by Philippe Malouin


Thermal Till Paper Vessels by Philippe Malouin

Vienna Design Week 2010: London designer Philippe Malouin made bowls from rolls of till paper at Vienna Design Week Laboratory.

Thermal Till Paper Vessels by Philippe Malouin

Called Thermal Till Paper Vessels, the pieces were created in the Kunsthalle Wien Project Space Karlsplatz as part of a project called Papermania! where designers took over the space and used it to create works out of paper in front of visitors.

Thermal Till Paper Vessels by Philippe Malouin

Malouin's process involved coiling the paper using an electric drill before pulling up the layers of paper to create dishes.

Thermal Till Paper Vessels by Philippe Malouin

He blackened the paper by rubbing it with sandpaper, as the paper used for till receipts is sensitive to heat so responded to the friction.

Malouin worked in the space 6–9 October.

Watch movies of the process here and here.

Thermal Till Paper Vessels by Philippe Malouin

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Thermal Till Paper Vessels by Philippe Malouin

Here's some more information from the designer:

I decided to work with thermal receipt paper rolls. one thing that is important to say is that the results that we obtained are in no way a finished product, they are simply the results of my experimenting with a new manufacturing technique, and they are not objects with an assigned function. just vessels for the time being...

The final vessels that we chose for the pictures used no glue, and were the result of rolling rolls of paper and shaping the vessels by throwing the paper in a similar way to throwing a pot. What we had done was to mix a manufacturing technique and a material that we not meant to be used together... The vessels obtained the black colour patterns solely by sanding them with sandpaper. the heat generated then coloured the thermal paper.

I uploaded the photos and videos onto the press site in the folder : "thermal-till-paper-vessels"

there are quite a few videos that explain how the technique is made as well as how the materials change colour once subjected to heat using a heat gun, etc. have a look, and let me know if we should upload them to vimeo or something like that, I tried to upload the videos to youtube, but the quality is not great.

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  • FGA

    A new manufacturing technique?

    Everybody does that as a kid, some objects made like this are even for sale : chinese paper yoyos , for instance. This is just over-intellectualizing for the sake of it.

  • bbb

    slightly different made but same material and same look
    and they are lamps..called paper lamps
    if you want to see have a look at
    its picture 13

  • These are beautiful. I can't believe I'm just seeing all the paper vessels you've written about! thank you. I especially enjoy the artist statements you include in your features. Well done! *a

  • anindividual

    There have been recent studies about the alarming levels of BPA in this paper and how it leaches into the hands. I hope the designer does not suggest these would be food grade bowls!

  • designgurunyc

    From a promising (if randomly varied) degree show at Eindhoven, this designer seems to have been floundering with continually random and unconnected objects ever since. None of his work has had much industrial use or integral beauty, and they are worryingly lacking in a uniform style or any connecting thread other than pretension.

    These objects really aren’t bowls but shapes of vessels made of paper. It isn’t new,clever or ground breaking, and the designer’s continual use of video is a way of disguising the actual lack of design in his work (none work in a two dimensional photograph, or indeed in the real- I have seen them all!). Unfortunately the surprise element of these videos has now also lost its novelty, and I hope this once promising design student can walk away from the gimmicks that surround him and start to produce work that can actually be called design.

  • Agree with Designgurunyc – there's a lot of lame ideas being put out with a video these days, it's just a smoke screen.

    Come on – these are just rolls of paper , and they aint even pretty.

    Studio Libertiny's paper vases (also Eindhoven) are probably the inspiration :

  • There is a design studio in Mexico who does the same but with color. its call Tsimani, they take references from mexican colorfull serpentinas.