1Z by Continuum


1Z by Continuum

Design agency Continuum have created conceptual packaging for a single cigarette for smokers who are trying to quit.

1Z by Continuum

The triangular pack contains one cigarette, two matches and a stick of gum.

The intention is that lapses in resolve lead to just one cigarette rather than a whole pack.

Here are some more details from Continuum:

Designing for failure is essential for success, or at least that’s what global design and innovation consultancy Continuum has found. When people make changes in their lives, whether it is flossing their teeth or quitting smoking, they will have setbacks. And when they do, it is easy to let that setback turn into a pattern of failure. While going a day without flossing isn’t a catastrophe, there is still an opportunity to help someone get back on track. For instance, Weight Watchers has flex points that can be used on one massive chocolate binge. In the case of smoking cessation, that desperate craving for just one cigarette can remain that: one cigarette.

You can design for that setback so it doesn’t turn into an entire pack of cigarettes. Design for resilience is being realistic that setbacks will happen, and creating safe ways to fail and bounce back.

After exploring this idea, Continuum came up with 1Z, the single serving cigarette.

They developed a back story of the fictional manufacturer (Bright-Leaf), and their reason for entering the market, and it helped to create a product brand identity for 1Z that worked with the form and the way the brand logo wraps around the box.

The name, 1Z, is a reference to “loosies,” the street slang for a single store-bought cigarette, and gently reinforces the quitting theme.

The triangle form for the packaging (see attached images) was chosen because it conveys that the product is something radically different from a standard pack of cigarettes.

Through exploration, Continuum found that a light touch with messaging around quitting was most effective; no one wants to be lectured. Instead, they had several subtle messages to support behavior change. The FDA offers several options for messaging on cigarette packaging and they chose the one related to quitting. The lid has a message, “In case of emergency, lift here.” And, the cigarette itself is branded, “Just one.” Finally, Continuum included a stick of gum as a quiet way to clear the taste from the mouth; to reset and get back to neutral.

Contents of the package were kept to a minimum: 1 cigarette, two strike- anywhere matches, and a piece of gum. As discussed above, the gum was included to provide an end point to the event. The gum provides resolution to that setback and offers a starting point to help the smoker continue quitting.

Continuum also considered manufacturing and production costs, and estimate this package will cost less than 10 cents to make, realistic for a $1-2 predicted price point. And the triangle shape is an efficient form for shipping.

Throughout the design process, they got feedback on iterations from a group of smokers trying to quit. Continuum wanted to include many different perspectives and opinions and this feedback helped steer the design in form, tone, and branding. The result is just a concept, but one which all of the smokers said would help them quit. In fact, one of the test subjects said, “I wish this was on the market today!”

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  • flo

    not allowed to be sold in eu right?

  • Gareth

    Cool package design…simply stuff the cigarette with poo and give the people two pieces of gum. This should help them quit.

  • nofelix

    nice idea. they didn't describe how they envision people buying this which is a weakness though. do they buy several in advance of needing them (thus the 'in case of emergency' text)? or just one at the time of slipping? I can't see how they'd sell in sufficient volume to pay for marketing the concept

  • phil

    This shouldn't aim only at people who are trying to quit, should
    aswell aim at people who just like to enjoy one cigarette for part time smokers.

    • George

      I would think part-time smokers would prefer the long lasting satisfaction of a full pack… Price x2 –> %2000 the fun! (That is, if they don't get addicted)

  • CBT

    In Holland it is not allowed to sell cigarettes in a package containing less than 15(or was it 20?), for the reason that it would be easier to start smoking for people if they could just buy one. To quit smoking..cold turkey is the best method. All other methods will make your mind think that smoking is a reward that you deserve sometimes…and well you can do without..can you?

  • Gareth

    Part time smokers…what a load of crap! I don't do drugs, I only take them part time.

  • Olivier Schalbroeck

    Package design is very Toblerone.

  • smoking kills

    somehow you just made smoking cool?!

  • tom finch

    quick a smoking habit and develop a new one of consuming massive amount of pointless packagain then?

  • julien

    Also really cool for the kid who wants to start, with the gum and stuff to not be caught by your mum !

  • Major Bummer

    No matter how 'cool' you make the package, smoking still makes you smell bad (the gum A) really doesn;t make much difference and B) they should include an air refreshner instead).

    Smoking is a Major Bummerrrrrrrr…..

  • truthnbeauty

    This is so wrong in every way – environmentally, socially, mentally, physically……..

    What a horrific idea!!

    Dezeen, please don't give such grossly irresponsible ideas publicity!

  • svetha

    pretty good idea for someone who needs to give in on kicking the habit for just one cigarette. buying just one is better than buying the whole pack, right?

  • Joao

    Creates more than 20x more paper waste than a regular 20-pack… and besides is designing for the the lobbies… THIS IS A JOB FOR THE DESIGN-CRIMES DETECTIVE!

  • steve

    This looks like it will be way more successful at getting people to start smoking, than it will be at helping people quit.
    Nice packaging though.

  • DDM

    I recently quit smoking. This idea makes sense to me.

    In regard to people criticizing Dezeen for publishing a cigarette related idea, get a grip. . . People smoke. It is not a very charming habit, nor is it a good one, but it is a real human behaviour. It exists. I'd be curious to hear which industry is more harmful; the cigarette industry or the automobile industry. Maybe Dezeen shouldn't publish automobile related designs anymore. . .

    When did we all become such puritans?

  • Peter

    Why doesn't Stephanie just kill herself and then get someone to clean up the blood and mess and flush it down the toilet so nobody has to ever know she was a human being and existed and had failings. Or maybe this product is for anal retentive American people who are terrified of their own bodily functions

  • jmmm

    Maybe you should start smoking again and spend less time thinking so hard

  • rubainnovation

    Expected from Continuum

  • clara

    WHAT?!?! so much waste of packaging for something so stupid…
    and why would you need 2 match to light a cigarette?!

  • Fizz

    Lmao -oh really. How up their own posterior designers can be. If someone is serious about quitting the last thing they need is a 'get out clause' in the shape of a handy ciggie lying around to ease the anguish. It 's fundamentally a matter of discipline and will power versus addiction and habit. Strong measures are needed to facilitate success. Knowing you have that single smoke hidden on the book shelf it not going to be the least bit of help. But let me not stop a design studio from playing with a 'concept' even if it totally disregards the real challenge associated with nicotine abstention. Quote: "The lid has a message: 'In case of emergency, lift here. And, the cigarette itself is branded, 'Just one'. " Yeah… sure.

  • I had a couple friends that wanted their dad to quit, so they took his box of cigs and put gunpowder in some of them.

    He was not too pleased. Everyone else thought it was hilarious.