Doomsday by Kacey Wong


Hong Kong artist and designer Kacey Wong has designed another topical robot-shaped survival suit, this time intended to protect people from radiation leaking from nuclear power stations.

Designed for one person and made of lead, the suit serves as a mobile home that unfolds to create a bed and features solar panels to power electrical devices the inhabitant may need during radiation alerts.

Previous robot-like mobile homes by Wong include this one designed for rich people made homeless by the credit crunch and another that doubles as an office for homeless people.

Wong also designed a tiny floating house that measures just 1.2 metres.

Here's some text from Wong:



Natural and man-made disasters killed tens of thousands of people and many more lost their home, Hong Kong being much closer to the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station than to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, maybe it is about time to reflect and address the potential risk and hazard produced by nuclear energy.

Doomsday is an anti-nuclear radiation mobile living unit made of lead panels for one person, when lay flat on the ground the four solar panels could generate 15 volts of electricity for small electronic appliances. People often have blind faith towards the machine and think they could resolve all of nature’s problems.

Unfortunately, this time our machines turned around and destroyed the most important life supplies in nature, polluting water, food, and the air.

  • Adarsha

    Interesting Idea.. This might be useful for the 'present' homeless individuals in many countries. Cant say anything about the design..If i go with the conditions of nuclear fall outs that you have designed this piece for, and if i think of ever having one of this peice, I dont feel that it would give me a happy feeling. It would rather force me to feel lonely and sad.

  • pipi

    isn't lead hazardous to health?

  • Very Ironic and full of dark humor. How can people take this installation seriously, like as a funtional object??? Just wonder why art theory is not taught anymore in Faculties of Architecture, it would make architects less painfully dull and aware of design as also an economical and political force… and not as just a subtle way to sell construction material for developpers.