Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited


Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

Wrinkly mirrored walls distort the reflection of an apartment interior in Berlin by local architects Lecarolimited.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

The mirrors of different shapes and sizes create geometric patterns across the partitioning walls of the penthouse apartment, surrounding the kitchen, fireplace and seating areas.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

Four small tables in front of the mirror-covered kitchen join together to form a six metre-long dining table.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

Two guest bedrooms occupy the same floor, while an ensuite master bedroom opens out to a roof terrace on the floor above.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

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Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

Photography is by Gerrit Engel.

Here are some more details from Lecarolimited:

As the result of an invited competition, during the spring of 2010 Lecarolimited was commissioned to remodel the penthouse of a German apartment building, spread over two floors, situated beside an inner-city football ground, on a small but active street in the middle of a large gallery district.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

Identifying the existing situation – large apartment, warren of partitions and closed rooms – we instead proposed a unitary object which, not boxing-off, simply shapes and shelters each different activity.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

This principle ambition was developed into a new surface logic which, becoming lounge, bar and kitchen…then wall again, instead guides gently with a continuity from space to space.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

We tested options and settled on a ‘mirror-belt’, a chimerical insertion which by wrapping also representationally enfolds. In doing this we embraced the variety metaphors in such a material.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

We projected into the design both a tradition of Loos-ian sensuality, as well as Mirror’s history of associations with myth and magic; a notion of the unnatural or sinful, where mirror feeds identities, and represents likenesses with an ever-so-slightly distorted truth. Meanwhile, both the material and the spatial application facilitate the dynamic and whimsical aspect over a German city roof-scape.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

We constructed the new interior surface as discrete objects on site. Constructed by our carpenter as wooden substrate, they are finished for the ‘mirror-belt’ using a custom painted bespoke glass. The unique character of this material ultimately defrayed the intensity of a standard mirror, each piece arriving in small and nonuniform panels.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

Our carpenter worked with the master pattern, which was adapted as the fragile individual glass pieces would allow. Each piece was split by hand, one by one to fit its own space. Full of individual streaks and waves to us seeming though a view from the sea floor or puddle, the defragmentation of the surface animated the space through its ambivalence and partiality.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

Main living and bedrooms share the language of this new super-surface, while guest quarters operate thematically
in the space of the reverse or underside. A new darkened coridoor leads to the separate child-like, colourful spaces for the guests, both rooms in a separate character.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

The dining table „Triangle Table“ was specifically developed for this apartment. The table has multiple configurations, as a six-meter-long dining table or four smaller tressles, flexibility which allows the room to be used for dining or entertaining. This dynamic profile generates a different view for each guest, and in contrast to most six-meter tables, establishes no hierarchy.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

The apartment was also subject to site-specific commissions which were integrated into the design; the Japanese light-artist Takehito Koganezawa, Terry Rodgers, Lori Hersberger Jason Martin.

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

Private Apartment 400m2
Location: Berlin, Germany
Completed: 2010

Penthouse apartment by Lecarolimited

  • Great Borges with his obsession to the mirrors and labyrinths would love it.
    Cool, elegant and stylish job…

  • donkey

    I don't get why after going to the trouble of hiding the wiring for all the ceiling lights (seemingly through concrete?!), the hall light's wire is just tacked on to a stud wall with clips?

  • edward

    So the fun house effect. Well somebody had to say it. Ditch the mirrors for some other finish and the place would be alot better.

  • Adi

    I wouldn’t want to live here. And I think that’s enough to suggest the lack of successful residential interior design. Creating an illusion of more space is great, but it needs to be aesthetically appealing, not assaulting on your senses. This, unfortunately, is the latter. :(

    • felix

      Agreed. The concept of a shiny 'invisible' box in the centre of the apartment is good. Just the execution is not subtle enough.

  • Sam

    Hot. Great to see this livening up the otherwise boring german scene

  • David

    It reminds me of when Daryl Hannah gave Charlie Sheen's apartment a makeover in the Wall St Film from 1987; very … cutting edge!

    • Laura

      Strange association……Should be a bit more beige for this to hold…. and that fake stone wall wallpaper she uses painted over to seem like cracked

      • David

        oh I don't mean that in terms of emulation – more the audacious wannabe avante-garde-ness of the general execution

  • guy

    Whats with all those concrete pillars? Their positioning is awful, what bad architecture. I know thats not the interiors designers fault. Though I don't much like their interior either – the wrinkly mirror is cool, but matched to strange details like the black walls and lamps and the fugly orange cushions.

  • Skaap

    Nice drawings…but the end result…glad I don't have to live there

  • its real nice, but definatly agree with felix, its no where near subtle enough, it needs to be subtle, so people are wowed by how it blends in without standing out to much. Real nice, tho.

  • Jonny

    I really don't think this will age well…

  • it's not the place to use the Idea.

  • loved the lighting and mirrors

  • Keith Tillman

    The illusion of weightlessness and extension of wall ceiling and floor planes would be shattered the minute you see your own reflection. I don’t understand the resolution of the plan either. Sorry

  • the use of that many mirrors is unsettling in a home

    • Andrew

      says confucius……….
      maybe your home…. i personally think it rocks

  • Caleb

    Someone please tell me what kind of mirror they used – a specific name of that “material mirror”?!