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Final debate
at Me Craft/You Industry

Final debateat Me Craft/You Industry

Closing our series of three movie extracts from the Me Craft/You Industry symposium held by Dutch design organisation Premsela in January, here's part of the final debate focussing on how the proliferation of free software, open-source hardware and peer-to-peer technology will lead to a synthesis of craft and industry, where individuals can use a global production system to create the bespoke goods that they need locally. More »

Dezeen Music Project: Your Love
by Debonair

It's time for a bit of disco on Dezeen Music Project.

This club-friendly re-edit of Rhyze's Just How Sweet Is Your Love was submitted by Debonair, who was on the decks for our Dezeen Space and The Temporium launch parties last year.

If you like what you hear, the track is due for a vinyl release on House of Disco Records in the next couple of months.

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