Casa Xieira II by
A2+ Arquitectos


Slideshow: a curved concrete facade wraps around the front of this house by A2+ Arquitectos in Leiria, Portugal, with a large hole revealing the rectilinear house behind (photos by Fernando Guerra).

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

There's a tiny courtyard behind this rounded opening and a door leading into the ensuite bathroom of one of the house's four bedrooms.

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

The exposed concrete walls show the markings of their pine formwork, intended to reference the client's links to the forestry industry, while the other walls are rendered in plaster.

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

Bedrooms are all positioned along the eastern edge of the single-storey house so that they receive the most sunlight in the mornings, while the living room is located at the southern end, the kitchen is on the western side and the garage faces north.

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

Large glazed sliding doors lead from the living and dining room onto a patio that's shaded by the overhanging roof.

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

Back in November we reported on a house in the same city with a hole in the roof.

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

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Here are a few more project details from A2+ Arquitectos:

Casa Xieira II
Leiria, Portugal

Implemented in a slender lot from north to south, the project born with the aim of building a dwelling with a single floor.

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

The typology was defined according to the best sunlight, as this is one of the richest of this Mediterranean country. So all rooms are oriented to the east, the living room (place more permanent) to south, the kitchen to west and garage to north where the functionality is the symbiosis of the project.

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

The professional link of the owner to the forestry sector, led us to look for sources of inspiration in the region. We are in the west of the country, near the city of Leiria that is distinguished by loggers and mythical forests (created by King D. Dinis in order to protect the city from sand storms from the winds off the Atlantic ocean) this was the turning point of the project which allowed us to take advantage of traditional formwork pine boards used in the concrete in sight walls at core walls of the house.

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

The simplicity of the project s expressed by twisting volumes, clearly creating a courtyard entry that indicates slightly pedestrian access to the main entrance of the house. These indications are given to the observer by curvilinear shapes of the concrete in sight walls.

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

As the source of inspiration used, the project resulted from a constant metamorphosis of the modern, minimalist, fragile and traditional, raw, lush. Thus were linked elements such as rough wood formwork of the in sight concrete and the creation of curvilinear and modern shapes, between the black color in the concrete and the traditional white plaster, between facades of black shale and Portuguese sidewalk, between the massive scale volumes and thin sun protect flaps or the long glazed windows.

Casa Xieira II by A2+ Arquitectos

As a result of this exercise was created a typology of family dwelling, this project distinct itself from the others by their discreetly bold presence without never denying the deep roots of their culture.

Casa Xieira II by A2 Arquitectos

Project: Xieira house II
Location: Caranguejeira \ Leiria \ Portugal
Architecture: A2+Arquitectos \\ Sara Oliveira + Marco Guarda
Site area: 520 sq.m.
Building area: 350 sq.m.
Project construction: 2010 \ 2011

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      It's a grey Dog.

    • Weim! It’s illegal to dock their tails in most places outside the US these days. They’re the ultimate home accessory.

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    The garage is much bigger than living space, why is that?

    • H-J

      Because a car is bigger than a person?

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  • More pics of the doggie please :)

  • João

    Disgusting concrete framework.

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    why is the dog not in the plan?????

  • Beautiful structure and use of concrete. Unfortunately the interiors let it down. Poor choice of flooring and furnishings.

  • Paul

    The garage is connected directly to the garden while the three smaller bedrooms are not. I don't like that.

    • Hi Paul,

      All the bedrooms connect directly to the garden. it's a private but with walk connection to the main one. check the image #6 from report

  • ilio

    The dog is beautiful!

  • A bit of Corb like exterior then the rest of the building and interiors is dull, dull, dull.

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    Gorgeous formwork!!

  • Simply amazing. I just love minimalism.

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  • I like the fact that this house took such care and finesse into its facade, it is not visually obvious why the strangley shaped gap in the wall is shaped the way it is. What is the reason this particular shape?

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