Khan Project Office
by Khan Project


Korean architects Khan Project have designed themselves a laboratory-like studio in Seoul where staff wear doctors' gowns and walk barefoot (+ slideshow).

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

Apart from the wooden desktops and chair legs, every surface is white, including the walls, ceiling, floor and bookshelves.

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

Fluorescent tubes create bright white stripes across the ceiling, while items on the bookshelves are stored inside white folders and storage boxes.

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

Staff dress as doctors and the practice's philosophy is "to fix space like doctors cure people".

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

"Sometimes neighbours in the next office are laughing at us," says design director Han Kwang-Hyun. "We just walk barefoot or wear slippers in this space."

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

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Khan Project Office by Khan Project

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Khan Project Office by Khan Project

Photography is by Lee Pyo-Joon.

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

Here's a little more information from Khan Project:

Khan Project Office
White Within White

Khan project is the brand new design office made by Mr.Han, Kwang-hyon of m4.

The office is space that we need to stay longer than house. We think of the better environments for co-workers. How can we make this space more convenient for them?

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

Khan project office is made by those questions. The space is all white, even floor, wall, ceiling and furniture…

We always test and research the space and come up with novelty. Therefore this space is like laboratory and we might make mutation here. We have doctor gown individuals. We have same mental attitude to fix space like doctors cure people. We need to rely on each other even though tight situation and we want something new and fresh idea so we have own gown.

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

This is just psychological effect but we have to fix something when we are wearing white gown. What is the first thing to make office same as house? Why the house is comfortable to us?

We have many reasons but I thought the first time. The comfort after the work at home. We think the first action is to feel comfortable when I take off shoes. So we take off shoes at Khan project office. Sometimes neighbours in the next office are laughing at us. We just walk barefoot or wear slippers in this space.

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

We thought it is the first consideration to people working and living here. We want to focus on people not for visitors but people who use. We can feel something comfortable from the body. But we see white gown and laugh.

We think the bookcase, cross-legged and “X” is the basic for design. We express this Frame “X” We want to use basic Frame “X” for communication and experiment. The reason why we choose only white is our philosophy. Kahn means one room. The room in imagination or dream.

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

We are expert. We see people’s thought so we communicate and understand each other. We will express various colors through our projects. We expect the colors created here.

We can communicate coexistence in people’s khan (room) in white. And this space will be the place that our dream come true. We’re excited to work and live here.

Khan Project Office by Khan Project

Project: khanproject office
Design director: Han kwang-hyun
Design Office: khanproject
Design team: Park, Chang-hui / Yun Na-ri / SeonBi-oh
Constructor: khanproject

Location : Sam-yang b/d 202, 751-4Bang-bae, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Use: Design Office
Area: 36 m2
Design Period: May 2012
Completion Period: May 2012
Floor finish: white epoxy
Wall finish: lacq paint
Ceiling finish: concerte, lacq paint, wastebasket lighting

  • This makes me really sad, I don't think I could work creatively in such an uninspiring space. I say embrace more studio chaos!

  • Bob


  • two questions…
    1. work in gowns and walk barefoot… is this a ritual to purify us?
    2. fix space like doctors cure people… how does space get fixed before it is even socialised?

  • alex

    The blurb made it sound like quite a cool idea but those stark pictures make it look like the employees would go mad. The end result is soulless other than the white teddy bear at the head of the meeting table. And does Steve Jobs really need to be in 3 of the photos? Perhaps this project is a bit like Apple products… clean, white, but devoid of personality. (I am typing this on a wooden laptop named Charles).

  • HBKZ

    "The office is space that we need to stay longer than house"

    I think if I stay longer than 2 hours working in this space I would definitely phone home.

  • ejre

    아이디어는 재밌지만 디자인작업을 하면서 오랫동안 머무르고 싶은 공간은 아닌듯 합니다…

  • Redfern

    I think some of those comments are a bit unfair – in reality this office would not look so stark. In the photos it is clearly not operational – it would look quite different with books, product catalogues, samples etc. stacked in the shelves. Similarly the desks would look different when people are actually working there, with computer screens, books, sketches etc.

    In general I think it looks like a nice environment within in which to work – they have rationalised the space well, given its configuration (corner windows etc). It would be good not to have to wear shoes at work…

    However, I am not convinced about the white overcoat. Also it would be good to afford some views outdoors and it is unforgivable not to include adjustable office chairs for staff (available in white I am sure).

  • It’s as ugly as sin. How can people be creative in a sterile environment? This is architecture gone 100% mad. Oh yes – they forgot to paint the red stuff (inside the picture frame) white – so they’re. inconsistent too! Ugh!

  • stefan

    One of the saddest projects on Dezeen… this space is quite appropriate as an Egyptian-like tomb for the Apple pharaoh.

  • james orf

    someone in that lunatic asylum go grab a bucket of kimchi and chuck it!

  • Mongchops

    Needs a few more framed pictures of Steve Jobs to really make it sing.

  • Richard

    This is certainly a very good way to make your staff

    1. Unhappy

    2. Uncreative

  • jordanjlloyd

    “Sometimes neighbours in the next office are laughing at us,” says design director Han Kwang-Hyun. “We just walk barefoot or wear slippers in this space.”

    – Says it all, really.

  • Steve

    I love it. Wish I could work there.

    I could focus on my work and not the usual dross of an office.

    I think my creativity would increase!

  • Bioh. Seon

    Hi there. Thank you for your concern and advice. I’m a staff in photo.

    Actually, it’s not uncomfortable as you worries. Sometimes, cleaning and sweeping make us a little bit hard ;) but it give us pleasant space with large window on 2 sides.

    The book and laptop are just stuff for display. However, if they cause negative effect here, we reflect the opinions to make good space or display.

    Thank you so much once again. I hope to keep on lots of communication.
    See you next project!! :)


    Sounds like a good concept, but I would die working there! Especially wearing a gown.

  • Fizz Fieldgrass

    I have to say that if I were a visiting potential client I would walk in and walk right out again.

  • MJ

    It looks more spacious and clean. Designer who should make creative idea needs organized spot so as to arrange their thought. I’d love to work in here so bad…

  • mk10

    If visiting guests attend with bare feet is a very selfish idea.