Istanbul Twilight by
Siba Sahabi

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Istanbul Twilight by Siba Sahabi

London Design Festival: These felt candle holders by Amsterdam designer Siba Sahabi are inspired by the colours and silhouettes of Istanbul's skyline at dusk.

Istanbul Twilight by Siba Sahabi

Each piece in the Istanbul Twilight collection was made by coiling long strips of felt into circles.

Istanbul Twilight by Siba Sahabi

Wool doesn't easily catch fire, so the fabric candleholders are safe to use.

Istanbul Twilight by Siba Sahabi

Sahabi will present the collection at MINT during London Design Festival, which takes place from 14–23 September.

Istanbul Twilight by Siba Sahabi

We previously featured another set of objects by Sahabi – a collection of carafes, goblets and cups made from strips of wallpaper.

Istanbul Twilight by Siba Sahabi

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Photographs are by Maayan Ben Gal.

Here's some more information from the designer:

Candlesticks, inspired by Istanbul twilight

The candleholders, made of felt, are dedicated to the metropolis that connects Europe and the Middle East. The shape of the candleholders are directly inspired by the silhouette of Istanbul. The use of colours reflect different shades of light on city facades at dusk and dawn.

Choice of material is based on a certain characteristic of wool: it doesn’t catch fire. The felt is cut into long strips and then coiled by hand into circles, like a snake. The candleholders are completed with a candlepin.

Siba Sahabi (Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, 2006) is a poetic designer. Drawing from her German/Iranian roots, the work of Siba aims to show how one culture can influence another, leading to renewal and cultural richness. Her designs are inspired by the European and Middle Eastern history of ceramics and architecture. A passion for crafts and imperfection drives the process of Siba's work.

Siba Sahabi presents her candlestick series Istanbul Twilight at MINT during the London Design Festival (14th-23th of September 2012).