Two-handled tennis racket
spotted at the U.S. Open


Brian Battistone by robbiesaurus

Dezeen News: mixed doubles tennis player Brian Battistone turned heads at the U.S. Open this week with a two-handled tennis racket his playing partner has dubbed "the alien".

Brian Battistone by robbiesaurus

The racket was first invented by Lionel Burt as a training device to build up strength on both sides of the body. Now produced by Natural Tennis, it is currently being used by just two tennis pros – brothers Brian and Dann Battistone, both of whom are partners in the company.

Two-handed tennis racket spotted at US Open

Brian Battistone first starting using the racket in training, but now he says he gains tactical advantages too. "I'm just able to hit any shot with either hand, so I have full reach on both sides," he explained. Natural Tennis also claim the racket offers players more power, reach and stability, as well as the ability to disguise shots and confuse opponents.

Two-handed tennis racket spotted at US Open

The racket wasn't able to produce a winning streak, however – Battistone and his mixed doubles partner Nicole Mellichar had only qualified for the U.S. Open as wildcards, and were knocked out in the first round.

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  • Naimit

    I was inspired to learn the sport by the great Monica Seles. I worked like a dog to develop two-handed strokes off both sides as close in technique to hers as I possibly could.

    I'd be truly interested in giving this racquet a try, but I can imagine any number of situations where it might be terribly awkward. Imagine trying to pronate the wrist during the wrist snap portion of the service motion. With two handles the unused handle in the serve would not only seem to unbalance the racquet while one swung, but doesn't it seem like it'd simply be in the way?

    But hey, the truth is that standard tennis racquets are already quite awkward: we're just so used to them we take them for granted.

  • Drew Harrison

    This stick is amazing! You don’t even notice the other handle on either one handed shots or the serve. The serve in fact, is particularly nasty. Because of the way it’s engineered, you have a built in kick already because you serve with the “inside” handle instead of the outside handle. You will understand what I mean when you hold the stick. This is an amazing development for tennis and a much needed evolution. It will change the game much like the oversized racquet did. I can kick my serve over the head of someone 6′ tall.