Casa K in São Paulo
by Studio Arthur Casas


Brazilian firm Studio Arthur Casas has clothed a family house in São Paulo in a shimmering layer of perforated golden metal.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

"The client is a stylist and stimulated us with the task of coming up with different possibilities to "dress" the house," explained Studio Arthur Casas.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

Tasked with renovating the three-storey Casa K, the architects decided to leave existing exterior walls and windows in place but overlaid the entire facade with golden panels that are hinged in certain places to act as shutters.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

"We used a golden color to give a warmer feeling to the metal panels," architect Beto Cabariti told Dezeen. "It blends better with the context and with the other materials of the house, such as the wood and stone."

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

Tiny dotted perforations puncture each panel and create a repeat pattern of a leaf's capillaries.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

More references to nature crop up inside the house, where a wall of plants lines the edge of a staircase. "As the context is dense and there isn't much nature around, it was a way of creating nature inside the house," said Cabariti.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

Living rooms occupy the ground floor and open out to a patio and pool of water at the back.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

Bedrooms are located on the top floor, while a home cinema and a garage are in the basement.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

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Photography is by Fernando Guerra.

Here's some more information from Studio Arthur Casas:

Casa K

This house was designed for a young couple with children in São Paulo. The clients already had a built structure; the challenge for the studio was to make a large reform to bring comfort and privacy in a dense urban context.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

Above: basement plan - click above for larger image

The division of the space we proposed is quite simple: garage, service area and home theater in the basement, kitchen, dining and living room on the ground floor, bedrooms on the first floor. Even though we changed part of the structure, most of the openings were maintained, which brought up the idea of covering the whole surface of the house to bring unity.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

Above: ground floor plan - click above for larger image

The client is a stylist and stimulated us with the task of coming up with different possibilities to "dress" the house, we chose perforated metal panels, with a pattern based in the photograph of a leaf. In this way the proximity of the neighbours became less oppressive and the spaces create an interesting relation with the variations of the sun.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

Above: first floor plan - click above for larger image

On one hand the panels filter the light and the regards; on the other we created a patio to bring light to the basement and a slit above the stairs to illuminate the vertical garden. The master bedroom has a generous opening towards the backyard, where the landscape creates a small oasis within the city. A water basin intensifies the sensation of openness in the garden.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

Above: long section - click above for larger image

Sliding doors allow different modulations between the dining room, corridor and pantry, bringing flexibility to the house. In the living room large glass windows slide to integrate the space with the garden.

The Studio did the interior design project and as well designed some of the furniture, adapting objects from the 50's inherited by the client.

Casa K by Studio Arthur Casas

Above: front elevation - click above for larger image

Casa K has a discrete urban insertion, appearing as a monolith, but it contains largely diversified spaces, with rich relations between intimate and public functions, always having in mind the serenity demanded by the clients.

Architects: Studio Arthur Casas - Arthur Casas, Regiane Khristian e Beto Cabariti.
Contractor: Alle Engenharia
Consultants: Clamon (Façade Pannels); Edatec (Structural Engineering); Marvelar(Millwork); Snaldi (window Frames); Gil Fialho (landscape).
Project date: 2009
Project completion: 2012
Total area: 566sqm

  • Des

    The sun in the summer will melt that TV in no time, besides making that room the major cost of the entire building because of the AC bill. And the water put on those plants will rot that staircase. Oh, Brazilian architects; always making houses for the European winter.

  • Davide

    Beautiful texture of the cladding panel and lightness.

  • Will

    So this is on this site because someone stuck something shiny on a normal house?

    • blah

      Quantity, not quality, rules.

  • Love the form and cladding.

  • Joaci Oliveira

    Des, you are completely right! I’m Brazilian and your remark represents the entirety of Brazil’s architecture drama today: emptiness! Ugliness! Just to comply with our stupid millionaire’s bad taste. But contagious and widespread incompetence is also a good explanation!

    • a millionaire

      Sorry Joaci Jeca, but you are the one who has a bad taste, beside not being a millionaire.

      You should learn more about architecture and interior design before saying that this is an empty and ugly house. And more about the project.

      Please review your ideas, and then maybe comeback to us.

      • Des

        Hello nouveau riche, shaming people for not having money is so 3rd world. If you work in that interior design office that made this house, boohoo for you, the low number of comments on this thread, and invisibe hand that downvotes the few ones with a little taste, shows how this house is not in anyway relevant to any school of design. As Joaci said, you can be cool with it, there are many rich farmers wanting to buy cliche, pseudo sustainable box houses.