Tjirp by
Cas Moor


Product news: this doorstop by Belgian designer Cas Moor is shaped like a tiny bird.

Tjirp by Cas Moor

Called Tjirp, the bird's slim rear is decorated with a narrow cut and slides under a door to wedge it open.

Tjirp by Cas Moor

The doorstop is handmade from oak by the designer and comes with a white, black or natural head.

Tjirp by Cas Moor

Cas Moor is based in Ghent where he is currently studying multimedia design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Tjirp by Cas Moor

Other bird-related design we've featured includes a bird box inside a flowerpot, a light that looks like birds sitting on a wire and a huge woodland nesting box for birds and humans.

We've also featured a wooden doorstop that doubles as a toy car - see all homeware on Dezeen.

  • A very talented young designer this Cas Moor – we are bound to hear a lot more of him!

  • A lovely idea executed beautifully. Well done.

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    What the…?!

  • Can I buy one for my sister?