S3H House
by all(zone)


Bangkok architects all(zone) rearranged the forms found in typical standardised housing to create this family home in the Thai capital (+ slideshow).

S3H House by all(zone)

The house is located in a middle class suburb of Bangkok and all(zone) based the design on the aesthetic favoured by local property developers.

S3H House by all(zone)

A pitched roof motif unites the house with the adjoining garage and also appears inside, where it can be seen in the hallway of the upper storey.

S3H House by all(zone)

Rectangular apertures punctuate the facade and the complex arrangement of internal walls, allowing light and views to permeate throughout the building.

S3H House by all(zone)

"The superimposing system of walls works together with various positioned openings to slice and light the space of the house into several layers," said the architects.

S3H House by all(zone)

Pale render is used on the external and internal walls, while dark wood flooring and details create a contrast inside.

S3H House by all(zone)

all(zone) previously transformed two disused shops in Bangkok into live-work units by adding a patterned concrete brick facade.

S3H House by all(zone)

Other Bangkok projects featured on Dezeen include indoor tree houses built around structural columns and an apartment with an outdoor shower on its balcony.

S3H House by all(zone)

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S3H House by all(zone)

Photography is by Piyawut Srisakul.

Here's a brief description from the architects:

S3H House
Bangkok, Thailand / 2010-2013

dezeen_S3H House by all(zone)_18

The house is located in a typical middle-class suburb of Bangkok where most of the residences are made by real estate developer’s housing standard system. It, then, borrows and recomposes the most standard elements into a new language, yet remains assimilated to the context – an extra-ordinary. The superimposing system of walls works together with various positioned openings to slice and light the space of the house into several layers.

dezeen_S3H House by all(zone)_17

Project data
Type: a single house
Location: Ramkamheng 118 Road, Bangkok
Total area: 550 sq.m.
Owner: Mingmitpattanakul's Family
Architect: allzone, co.,ltd.
Project team: Rachaporn Choochuey, Sorawit Klaimark, Namkhang Anomarisi, Tharit Tossanaitada
Engineer: CM One co.,ltd.
Contractor: Sittanant Co.,Ltd.
Photographs: Piyawut Srisakul

  • Leandro Llorente

    The first offset of the front facade is a beautiful move.

  • angster

    Delightful and smart in its economy and execution. A well defined and crafted response to a tropical suburban house away from generic topicality.

  • Outcast Editions

    Completely ordinary, barely qualifies as architecture.