Foster and Heatherwick team up
on Shanghai finance centre


News: architecture firm Foster + Partners and designer Thomas Heatherwick have unveiled images of a finance centre they are collaborating on, which is currently under construction in Shanghai.

The 420,000 square-metre Bund Finance Centre will feature two 180 metre-high office towers, alongside a mix of shops and restaurants, a boutique hotel, and an art and culture centre.

Foster and Heatherwick team up on Shanghai Bund cultural complex

Located at the end of Shanghai's popular waterside street The Bund, the complex is intended by Foster + Partners and Heatherwick Studio to connect the Chinese city's old town with its financial district.

"Sitting at the gateway to Shanghai's old town, on the river bank where boats would arrive from the rest of the world, this is an extraordinary site which stood unoccupied for many years," said Thomas Heatherwick.

"In filling this last empty site on Shanghai's famous Bund, the concept is inspired by China's ambition not to duplicate what exists in the rest of the world but to look instead for new ways to connect with China's phenomenal architectural and landscape heritage," he added.

Foster and Heatherwick team up on Shanghai Bund cultural complex

The art and culture centre will be located at the centre of the masterplan and will feature exhibition galleries and a performance venue based on traditional Chinese theatres. According to the designers, this structure will be "encircled by a moving veil" that can be adapted to suit changing activities inside.

Foster + Partners' head of design David Nelson commented: "The project has given us an exciting opportunity to create a glamorous new destination, as well as a new series of spaces that create a major addition to the public realm, right in the heart of historic Shanghai."

The glazed facades of the buildings will be complemented with bronze details, while the edges will be finished with strips of granite that taper as they rise.

Images are by DBOX.

  • Jeroen van Lith

    Heatherwick where are you?

  • Ben

    What on earth could Heatherwick contribute to this project? I wouldn’t let him anywhere near my office either… next projects out of his studio will now look like Foster I’m guessing!

  • Yawn

    An idea-stealing commercial artist + an idea-recycling architect = boring. Who would have thought?

    • McBall

      Do you do the same? I bet you did.

  • beatrice

    Well if we’re going by the new London route master bus, Heatherwick will be asked to make all the windows much smaller to reduce the daylight coming in. Gives a lovely feeling compared to those horrible old big window buses.

    Or maybe he will be in charge of the air conditioning system – on the new buses it doesn’t work. Giving a fantastic constant sweaty atmosphere, complimented by the un-openable windows. Great move.

    Why was this allowed?

    • lozza

      Sadly I don’t think it’s not about allowing or not. It’s just a brand.

  • Jungle Julie

    ‘A major addition to the public realm, right in the heart of historic Shanghai’ ummm, where? I can’t see any context in the CGIs.

  • Fran

    A positive comment – I look forward to visiting the site if possible. It looks like it could be an excellent contribution to The Bund and Shanghai. This seems like a great collaboration and, potentially, a very interesting piece of architecture.

  • gjb

    Easily one of the most boring projects I’ve seen on Dezeen and perhaps one of the most boring I’ve seen where they actually bothered to pay for renderings. I have no confidence it will add anything to the city on an urban or aesthetic level.

  • T,.T

    3D bar chart from Excel, huh.

    • Concerned Citizen

      It probably appeals to all those accountants working there.

  • versa

    It looks 70’s!