Vacuum-packed models installed at Iris van
Herpen's Paris Fashion Week show


Models were suspended in vacuums between plastic sheeting during Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen's Autumn Winter 2014 show at Paris Fashion Week.

Iris van Herpen AW14 images_dezeen_3

Iris van Herpen and Belgian artist Lawrence Malstaf created the installation in which models were held in midair between sheets of plastic.

Iris van Herpen AW14 images_dezeen_1

"Models float in the air, embryonic, seemingly weightless and in a meditative suspended animation," said Van Herpen.

Iris van Herpen AW14 images_dezeen_5

Tubes extracted most of the air from the sheets to suck them tightly around the models, who posed in foetal or crouched positions wearing shimmering dresses.

Iris van Herpen AW14

The plastic sheets were hung in a line along the centre of the catwalk used to present Van Herpen's ready to wear collection, titled Biopiracy.

Iris van Herpen AW14 images_dezeen_4

The collection included 3D-printed garments created in collaboration with Austrian architect Julia Koerner, who previously helped design a dress for Van Herpen's Voltage collection presented last year.

Iris van Herpen AW14 images_dezeen_2

Van Herpen also worked with Dutch shoe brand United Nude to design crescent-shaped boots that were worn with the garments. Her show took place on Tuesday as part of Paris Fashion Week.

  • Mar Carbonio

    And, how could they breathe?

    • Vaibhav Falke

      There are micro holes where the nose is situated, that’s why they are able to breathe without penetrating the vacuum.

  • As_Wicked

    How do they breathe in there?

  • Sbomb

    I’ve had nightmares about this.

  • napoleon
  • udumba s

    Yes and if you read the text he also did it here for this show.

    • Napoleon

      Oh indeed, the mention of his name and involvement was so substantial that it completely slipped my attention. My bad.

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    Previously on Hannibal…

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    You can see the breathing tubes there, they are huge.

    • JayC

      The huge tubes that suck the air out of the plastic bag.

  • Mar Carbonio

    You will agree that is a bit disturbing.

  • Lofto Jon

    Wow, seriously treating women like pieces of meat.