Layered fabric chair by Richard Hutten
to launch in Milan


Milan 2014: Dutch designer Richard Hutten will launch a multicoloured chair made from 545 stacked layers of Kvadrat's fabric in Milan.

Layers Cloud Chair by Richard Hutten for Kvadrat_dezeen_1sq

Based on an earlier version of the designer's aluminium Cloud chair, Hutten has created the Layers Cloud Chair based on the same shape, a cluster of spheres.

The Layers Cloud chair uses 840 metres squared of Kvadrat's Divina fabric and references the layered rock pigments found in the Painted Desert, Arizona. "I wanted the design to be about the textile," said Hutten. "Rather than using the material as a cover, I created an object with the material."

Layers Cloud Chair by Richard Hutten for Kvadrat_dezeen_4

Each layer of the chair is a different colour, of which nearly 100 were used. The pieces of fabric were drawn separately, cut with a CNC machine and manually assembled one by one.

"With the Layers Cloud Chair Richard has created a fairly baroque furniture piece offering a fulminant display of fireworks in colour." said Hans Maier-Aachen, curator of Kvadrat's exhibition for Milan 2014.

Layers Cloud Chair by Richard Hutten for Kvadrat_dezeen_3

The chair will be shown in Milan as part of Kvadrat's Divina exhibition from 9-13 April during the Salone del Mobile.

  • Good to see sustainable design is high on the agenda!

    • mimi

      How can you label this wasteful amount of material used for the product as “sustainable”?

      • Kenny

        I think he was being sarcastic Paul…

    • Moneylover

      Not to mention expensive – Kvadrat fabric certainly isn’t cheap by the metre!

  • Romain_M

    Holy Super Stacks Batman!

  • Rod

    I live in Milan and am willing to give tours in the city during the design week.

  • Colin C

    “Cloud” chair seems a bit optimistic. This must weigh upwards of 500 lbs.