Bike Lift and Carry by Mukomelov
helps to transport bicycles up steps


Ukrainian studio Mukomelov has designed a bicycle shoulder strap that unrolls like a queue divider to connect the seat and handlebars for carrying bikes up hills or stairs (+ slideshow).

Bike Lift and Carry by Aleksandr Mukomelov

Mukomelov's Bike Lift and Carry can hold bicycles up to 31 kilograms, allowing cyclists to hoist their vehicle over their shoulder and free their hands.

"It allows you to carry your bike while having one (or even two!) hands free, which simplifies opening doors to your house or office and other manoeuvres," studio founder Aleksandr Mukomelov told Dezeen.

Bike Lift and Carry by Aleksandr Mukomelov

Using a steel mechanism, the strap unwinds like a queue divider from the cylindrical plastic case that bolts to the seat bar.

Bike Lift and Carry by Aleksandr Mukomelov

The woven fabric belt extends to the handlebars and is secured by rolling the strap around the metal. A plastic hook on the end of the strap latches back over the material to keep it in place.

Bike Lift and Carry by Aleksandr Mukomelov

The strap adjusts to accommodate for people of various heights and different bike sizes. A button on the side of the case can be used to lock the length in place and to automatically recoil the strap away when the rider is ready to cycle again.

Bike Lift and Carry by Aleksandr Mukomelov

The idea came from a Kiev resident who was tired of lifting his bike up the city's steps when cycling around.

Bike Lift and Carry by Aleksandr Mukomelov

"We were approached by Henry Teterin, who decided to launch a new product," said Mukomelov. "He loves cycling and constantly travels around the Ukrainian capital Kiev, which has many hills and stairs."

Bike Lift and Carry by Aleksandr Mukomelov

The device is available in a range of colour combinations for the strap and case.

Bike Lift and Carry by Aleksandr Mukomelov

Photography is by Vera Uznichenko.

  • Dani

    Are they serious? Poor model, suffering obviously. Rear wheel is just going to slam into the stairs with every step you take. Those heavy and “retro” city bikes and a 12-14kg off-road bicycle are going to make a mess of your shoulder with that strap.

  • Romain_M

    Thoughtful! Now if only we could find a way to protect ourselves from those pesky chains and pedals: the visuals lead me to believe that the consumers use their hips as a fulcrum… that elegant dress won’t stay white very long.

  • Slinko Malinko

    What is this? Another pointless faddy design addressing a non-issue. But it’s available in a range of colours! What is going on Dezeen?

    • greenish

      A “non-issue”?! Either you people don’t cycle in cities, or you have bikes so ridiculously expensive that they don’t weigh so much that it makes carrying them awkward. This is an ace idea.

      • Hugo

        Ace idea, poor realisation and crap execution.

      • Leezo Mazimba

        I cycle in the city every day. My bike is cheap and far from light. I agree that this is definitely a non-issue.

        • Dani

          Just because it’s a non-issue for you, doesn’t mean it’s a non-issue for other cyclists.

          • Steven Molokweemi

            How common is it to have to carry your bicycle really? Certainly not enough to make me buy a separate bulky item which I then have to carry everywhere I go.

          • Dani

            Fairly common. Apartments without elevators? I can think of tons of times that this could be an issue. Also, if you would look at the actual design, it’s not at all bulky, and fits right onto your seat post.

  • jumpa

    This is really bad.

  • Sam Shaw

    Not sure I’d like a supermarket control barrier attached to my bike.