FlexVaas by Vij5

Dutch Design Week 09: FlexVaas, a vase that comes with three swappable tops to accommodate different types of flowers, won the Best Consumer Product category for designers Vij5 at the Dutch Design Awards on Saturday.


The ceramic components clip together with a wire clasp and rubber seal like those used on storage jars.


See our earlier story about the overall winner at Dutch Design Awards.


Here's some text from Vij5:



“Always a vase that fits your flowers !”


The porcelain FlexVase consists of a base part with three different inserts. The inserts can be exchanged to adapt the vase to the bouquet it holds.


Based on the weckpot principle, a practical clip holds the pieces together while giving the vase a simple decoration.


Dimensions: basic vase 20 cm high, diameter 22 cm, inserts with a height of 21,5 cm, 13 cm and 11,5 cm.

Material: porcelain, rubber rings and metal clips

selling prijs: 125 euro

Dutch Design Awards 2009 category: best consumer product