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Oato's porcelain vases fit together to form miniature "landscapes"

Dutch Design Week 2014: domed porcelain vases in this trio by Dutch studio Oato have identical hexagonal footprints so they can be arranged together without any gaps in between (+ slideshow).

Scape vases by Oato

Oato worked with Dutch porcelain master Frans Ottink to create the Scape vases, which feature rounded tops designed to look like hills and six-sided bases.

"Scape are small, modular vases shaped like little hills that transform any surface in your home into a landscape," said the studio.

Scape vases by Oato

The domes include a small test tube-shaped reservoir in the top for presenting individual flower stems in.

The handmade vases are available in three sizes and coloured dark grey, camel or light grey using pigments mixed into the porcelain.

Scape vases by Oato

The shape of the base allow the vessels to be arranged side by side in a variety of configurations.

Small, medium and large versions all have the same-sized base so they fit together without any gaps.

Scape vases by Oato

"We came up with the hexagon because it's the only shape that has multiple angles that fits together while filling the space completely," Oato co-founder Stefan Tervoort told Dezeen.

Oato provided Ottink with two-dimensional sketches of the shapes they wanted, from which the porcelain expert created the moulds used to form the three-dimensional pieces.

Scape vases by Oato

The largest mould was created first, with the smaller two replicated using the same footprint.

"To make sure the foot doesn't deform too much when they're baked, [Ottink] made plaster plates with a hexagon profile in which he took into account the amount of shrinkage," said Tervoort.

Scape vases by Oato

The Scape vases were exhibited during Dutch Design Week last month.