Five Star Crockery by Judith Montens

Amsterdam designer Judith Montens of Dutch collective Klad-Blok has created a series of crockery depicting cars, pile-ups and crashes.

Called Five Star Crockery, the pieces were inspired by the collections and obsessions of celebrities including television host Jay Leno.

Another series covered in insects was inspired by the collection of actor Johnny Depp.

Here's some more text from Judith Montens:


Dutch designer Judith Montens presents a Five star Crockery.

Within “Klad-blok” a collective with six handwritings and disciplines, Judith Montens works since February 2009 on a five star crockery.

This Crockery is based on the collections of celebrities.

The collections of J.Leno and J Depp – consisting mainly of cars and insects - are the first two cornerstones.

With making a crockery Judith Montens reaches back to the days where the setting of the table and the tableware would display one’s wealth.

Plates with golden edges, silver cutlery, but most of all the centre pieces, showpieces on which one’s wealth would be displayed in a sculptural way.

With these collected pieces Judith Montens writes intuitive stories, and calls them ceramic short poems.