White & White Clock by Kibardindesign
White and White Clock by KibardinDesign

White & White Clock by Kibardindesign

Czech studio Kibardindesign have created a 3D version of a digital clock face.

White and White Clock by KibardinDesign

The White & White Clock comprises four seven-segment display digits, like those on an LCD screen, mounted across a central control panel.

White and White Clock by KibardinDesign

A sensor adjusts the brightness of the LED digits depending on the intensity of the light around them, so the time glows brightly to stand out in a sunny spot but less intensely when the lights are dimmed at bed time.

White and White Clock by KibardinDesign

The clock can be used freestanding or mounted on a wall.

White and White Clock by KibardinDesign

We recently featured a digital clock based on a basketball scoreboard.

White and White Clock by KibardinDesign

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White and White Clock by KibardinDesign

Here's a description from the designers:

The White & White Clock designed by Vadim Kibardin is a modern 3D interpretation of the traditional digital clock.

Digital wall/desk white LED clock with white frame digits. Nothing else, simply time. White & White Clock is a clock with an alarm and time display mode 24 hour. In dark hours the light sensitive sensor changes the brightness of the digits to a less intense white. The power supply is conducted through a general mains-operated adaptor that suits any kinds of sockets.

A publication of the Black & White clock design preceded the appearance of the White & White clock. The Black & White clock aroused a huge interest in the public. We decided to postpone the batch production of the Black & White modification after detailed research of the production prototypes and to concentrate on the new model White & White.

During the working process the ideal technical and constructive solutions were found. They comply with all the functional and esthetic requirements and make this model available for mainstream customers.

Model: desk/wall digital LED clock with light controller
Design: Vadim Kibardin 2010
Colour: white
Functions: alarm, date, time
Power Supply: universal AC adapter, input 100-240V, output DC9V (The clock only works with mains electricity, however battery should be installed to maintain the time in case of mains power outages.)
Battery: CR2032
Case material: ABS plastic
Dimensions: W285mm x D35mm x H110mm
Weight: 400g
Manufacturing: China
Status: available for pre-sale