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LUXX mirrors by Samuel Accoceberry

LUXX mirrors by Samuel Accoceberry

Angled steel panels tessellate to form these decorative mirrors by Paris designer Samuel Accoceberry.

Accoceberry built the LUXX mirrors from a series of reflective parallelograms and diamonds, which he tilted so edges fit together and mounted onto three-dimensional frames.

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Polished stainless steel panels are tinted gold, bronze and dark grey. Surfaces slanted in three directions reflect different amounts of light, exaggerating their slight angles.

The set of three forms features a large symmetrical design in a vaguely hexagonal shape, an asymmetric medium-sized mirror and a small piece that is also symmetrical.

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We've published a few mirrors recently, including one that only works when it's placed in front of a dark shape and another that makes the viewer look as if they're immersed in water.

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Here's some more info from the designer:

LUXX mirrors

During the 13 Days, from 4th to 9th June in Paris, Samuel Accoceberry exhibited the LUXX mirrors.

These objects re-interpret his mirrors Akté, Augé and Nymphé, developed for Marcel By.

These stellar, geometric and sculptural forms are a tribute to the illustrations projects Superstudio group that tried to rewrite the codes of future cites with ideal and utopian concepts.

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These mirrors are intended as objects to split the space and help us to have an attitude of contemplation. The look may well get lost in space decomposed by the different colored surfaces.

They are of three forms, such as micro-architectures called LUXX. These parts are made from polished stainless steel elements that are treated in different colors (gold, copper, and night) and assembled on a 3-dimensional structure.

Dimensions: 130x125x15 cm large, medium 78x70x15 cm, 48x48x12 cm small.