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Mirror #180 by Halb/Halb

Product news: Berlin studio Halb/Halb has created a creased circular mirror that allows two people to see their reflection at the same time.

Mirror #180 by Nicole Losos

The Mirror #180 by Halb/Halb has a fold down the centre that splits it into two halves and it can be hung in three different rotations.

Mirror #180by Nicole Losos

One option allows two people to use the mirror at the same time, a second can show people at different heights and a third position reflects the ceiling and another area of the surrounding room.

Mirror #180 by Nicole Losos

The mirror is made from glass and a wooden fixing is attached to the back to hang it to a wall. It measures 50 centimetres in diameter and is available to buy from Berlin Design Store.

Mirror 180 by Halb/Halb

Halb/Halb is a new design studio based in Berlin, founded by Nikolaus Kayser and Nicole Losos. Kayser also works at design studio Böttcher+Henssler, whilst Losos works for Werner Aisslinger.

We've also featured Losos' design for a triangulated wall-mounted structure that you can sit, sleep, read, eat and keep things on.

Mirror 180 by Nicole Losos

We've published a number of mirrors recently including one with angled tessellated steel panels and another that only works when it's placed in front of a dark wall. Leandro Erlich also used a large mirror to create an illusion of people scaling the walls of a London townhouse.

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