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Bottle watch is based on "graphic folly that intrigued me" says Sam Hecht

Dezeen Watch Store: designer Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility has spoken to the Dezeen Watch Store blog about Bottle, a new watch based on the "graphic folly" of a beer bottle base.

"I had noticed that the nodules found on the bottom of bottles added up to 60, so it seemed reasonable to adopt this piece of knowledge to the lens of a watch," said Hecht in the interview.

"We’re quite lucky right now in that women want to wear big watches, so it meant we could avoid having to do two sizes," he added.

Bottle watch in green
Bottle watch in green

The interview is one of a number of new posts on the watch store blog, which also features a conversation with Uniform Wares design director Michael Carr, who discusses the design process behind the the 351 Series watch.

351 Series BR-01 in blue (left) and grey (right)
351 Series BR-01 in blue (left) and grey (right)

"This model was a somewhat controversial decision for us as it is a slight departure from what we have done before, but this also made it more enticing for us to approach in a different way," he said.

Egyptian architect Waleed Shaalan and his wife, Siba.
Egyptian architect Waleed Shaalan wearing the Hacker watch alongside his wife, Siba.

The blog also features two more interviews with customers about their watches. We bumped into Egyptian architect Waleed Shaalan in Venice where he spoke to us about his Hacker watch, which he bought because of  "the simplicity of the design and the feeling of wearing it."

Daniel Werg
Daniel Werg wearing a Daniel Wellington timepiece

We also had a conversation in Munich with MINI brand manager Daniel Werg, who told us about his about his Daniel Wellington timepiece.

"I'm getting used to wearing watches – I feel odd when I'm not wearing one" said Werg.