Miguel Flores Soeiro twists metal to form Malmö cutlery

Maison&Objet 2014: Portuguese designer Miguel Flores Soeiro has shaped items in this cutlery set by twisting the stainless steel pieces where the handle meets the functional end (+ slideshow).


Designed for Portuguese tableware brand Herdmar, Miguel Flores Soeiro's Malmö cutlery range is typified by the twist detail on the knives, forks and spoons.

The forms are reminiscent of Santiago Calatrava's contorted Malmö Tower, so the set is named after the Swedish city where the building is located.


Handles are bent 90 degrees to the heads of each utensil so the flat sections are positioned upright when the cutlery is laid flat.


The tops of the knife, spoon and three-pronged fork are gently rounded, contrasting with the straight lines and right angles of the handles.


"This recent model, made of 18/10-grade stainless steel, stands out by its fluid but yet sophisticated lines, without sacrificing function or ergonomics," said Soeiro.

The pieces are produced using a cold moulding technique, without the need for a foundry, and are dishwasher friendly.


PVD titanium coatings come in copper, golden, chocolate or black colours – each in matt or gloss finishes.

"In this particular set all effort is applied in the finishing and the details of each item," Soeiro said.

Malmo cutlery by Miguel Soeiro

The cutlery was first shown at biannual Paris trade fair Maison & Objet in January and is set to return for this year's second edition from 5 to 9 September.