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"Architects today have lost their courage"

Comments update: Plans to construct Europe's tallest skyscraper next to Peter Zumthor's world-famous spa building in a tiny Alpine village attracted over 140 comments this week.

The design by Morphosis Architects comprises a 381-metre-tall mirrored hotel tower, which outraged many readers.

"It's grotesquely over-scaled," said Galicer. "You'll be able to see it from miles away, even above the mountains."

Other commenters piled in to criticise the proposal, describing the design as "lazy", "obnoxious" and "shockingly bad". But one commenter calling themselves grb called for a closer examination of the project: "It's worth noting Mayne made serious design decisions here, worth real consideration."

Other readers agreed. "It minimises sprawl," said Samopop. "If you build up, you don't build out."

"I hope this gets built," davvid wrote. "Architects today have lost their courage. It's bold but that doesn't mean it is destructive." Read the comments on this story »

Elon Musk

End of the road? Elon Musk, founder of electric car company Tesla, thinks that driving will be outlawed because it's "too dangerous for humans". But will autonomous vehicles be safer?

"When it comes to a possibly fatal crash, the machine will choose the least damaging option," wrote Adam. "What if the option causes death to the driver?"

"Humans make decisions when driving based on variables which go beyond simple algorithms," agreed Cogs. "I am not ready to hand my life over to a robot car."

Other commenters lamented the loss of driving purely for enjoyment, but archimago said autonomous cars are just a logical progression.

"You'll still be able to own a car and drive it on private roads. Think about it more like driving a horse-pulled carriage on a highway... of course it's outlawed." Read the comments on this story »

Melltorp chair by Ikea
Melltorp chair by Ikea

Emeco V Ikea: Emeco revealed its intention to sue Ikea for allegedly copying a chair designed by Norman Foster.

"It's very similar, but then it's also a very basic chair," observed Stam. "I am not surprised more than one person could imagine a chair like this."

Others felt Ikea had undermined the American furniture brand. "By producing a similar version that is so much cheaper, Ikea takes away some of the exclusivity of Emeco's more expensive chair," said John.

Regular Dezeen commenter Arjay Cee described the situation as "the unaffordable suing the unpalatable". Read the comments on this story »

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2015 by SelgasCano_

Serpentine whine: SelgasCano's colourful design for the 15th Serpentine Pavilion in London's Kensington Gardens proved divisive.

"Please bring back the star architects," wrote Martin. "This is so bland." Jimmy agreed, describing the design as "boring stuff seen a million times". "They should go for edgy and inventive people," he said.

But others described the project as the most "interesting concept for years" and an opportunity for the Madrid-based architects to become a household name.

"I think the design is very interesting," said Piero. "People misunderstand the purpose of the Serpentine Pavilion... its main purpose being for architects to create experimental designs." Read the comments on this story »