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Ikea reveals PS 2014 collection

13 of Dezeen's favourite IKEA designs and hacks

This month, Swedish furniture giant IKEA launched its first collection with British designer Ilse Crawford in stores and saw its modular kitchens hacked by some of Denmark's best architects. We've collected together 13 of our favourite Ikea designs and hacks from Dezeen's archive – from furniture for space-poor hipsters to a bar made from storage boxes.

Reform IKEA kitchen hacks by BIG, Henning Larssen and Norm

Reform Ikea kitchen hacks by BIG, Henning Larssen and Norm

Danish company Reform, which specialises in customising the Swedish furniture giant's Metod kitchen, invited some of Denmark's best architects to create designs for its range, adding new doors, work surfaces and fittings to the standard IKEA modules. Find out more about this project »

Concept Kitchen 2025 interactive table

Concept Kitchen 2025 interactive table at Ikea Temporary

Students at Lund University and Eindhoven University of Technology teamed up with design consultancy IDEO to create a concept kitchen table for IKEA, which can suggest recipes based on ingredients you put on it and turn into a hob for cooking on. Find out more about this project »

Better Shelter flat-pack refugee housing

Ikea Foundation Better Shelter refugee housing

Described as an "unusually sensitive and intelligent" design by critic Alice Rawsthorne, these flat-pack refugee shelters were developed by the IKEA Foundation and went into production earlier this year after tests in Ethiopia and Iraq. Find out more about this project »

Furniture that wirelessly charges smartphones and tablets

Ikea wireless charging furniture

IKEA added induction charging stations to a number of products from its 2015 collection, allow users to wirelessly charge their smartphones. Find out more about this project »

Ilse Crawford's Sinnerlig collection

Ilse Crawford Sinnerlig collection for Ikea

London designer Ilse Crawford's "low key" collection for IKEA includes a range of cork and natural-fibre homeware products and was first unveiled earlier this year during Stockholm's design week. Find out more about this collection »

Janinge chairs by Form Us With Love

Janinge collection by Form Us With Love for Ikea

These two stackable plastic chair designs are "the most affordable objects" Stockholm studio Form Us With Love has ever made. Find out more about this project »

IKEA PS1 collection for space-poor hipsters

Ikea PS1 2014 bureau

In 2014, IKEA's annual limited-edition PS1 collection focused on products aimed at a growing number of young, creative city-dwellers faced with small living spaces and uncertain rental terms. Find out more about this collection »

The Lövbacken table


In 2013, Ikea launched the Lövbacken table – a re-engineered version of its first flat-pack table from 1956, which sparked a revolution in self-assembly furniture. Find out more about this project »

Huset dolls' house furniture

Ikea Huset dolls' house furniture

IKEA's dolls' house furniture collection includes miniatures of some of its most popular products, including the Klippan sofa, Lack table, Expedit shelving unit and Vago chair, giving budding interior designers a suitably budget starter kit for their models. Find out more about this collection »

IkHa by Oatmeal Studio

IkHa by Oatmeal Studio Ikea hack

The design for this pop-up restaurant in The Hague was based on IKEA's showrooms and built using hacked versions of the Swedish brand's shelving systems and furniture. Find out more about this project »

Homemade is Best by Forsman & Bodenfors, Evelina Bratell and Carl Kleiner

Homemade is Best cookbook by IKEA

This 140-page IKEA cookbook by creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors, stylist Evelina Bratell and photographer Carl Kleiner, features 30 recipes for Swedish cakes and biscuits, with the ingredients laid out to create patterns inspired by Japanese minimalism. Find out more about this book »

Pelle, Mikkel and Gullspira by Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius wallhanging for Ikea

Dutch designer Hella Jongerius designed three textile wall hangings featuring animals found in Swedish fairy tales, as part of a project by Unicef and IKEA. Find out more about this project »

Temporary Bar by Diogo Aguiar and Teresa Otto

Temporary Bar Ikea hack by Diogo Aguiar and Teresa Otto

This temporary bar in Portugal was built using 420 semi-translucent IKEA storage boxes attached to a metal structure, forming a cube with a folding section of wall. Find out more about this project »

Recession Chair by Tjep.

Recession Chair by Tjep Ikea hack

In 2011, Dutch designer Tjep. sanded away part of a mass-produced IKEA chair to a skeletal form so it could no longer support the weight of a person, turning the furniture into a commentary on the state of the global economy. Find out more about this project »