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Martin Jakobsen designs spherical Quido cocktail glass

Czech designer Martin Jakobsen has created a globe-shaped cocktail glass that keeps liquids contained with a giant silicone stopper (+ slideshow).

The Quido vessel features two glass straws that are held in round puncture-holes in the top of the receptacle, which is hand-blown in the Czech Republic.

Quido cocktail glass by Martin Jakobsen

A black silicon stopper in the side of the glass can be removed to add drinks, and replaced again to ensure against accidental spillages.

San Francisco design duo Superduperstudio also opted for a spill-proof approach with their Saturn wine glasses, which have indented bases instead of traditional stems.

By enclosing the drink entirely, the Quido glass keeps flavours and scents contained as well as preventing insects from getting in.

Quido cocktail glass by Martin Jakobsen

The designer – who set up his studio Jakobsen Design in 2010 – has created various pieces of unusual glassware over the years, including the Luno container that features a ball of cork as a lid.

His Halm cocktail glass – a precursor to Quido – allows drinks to be served upside down by balancing on its stopper, while his Revolution wine glass lets the drinker hold the vessel either horizontally or vertically.

Quido cocktail glass by Martin Jakobsen

After working with bartenders from around the world, Jakobsen "further innovated" the original upside-down Halm design to create the double-strawed Quido, which has its stopper positioned at the side of the glass instead of the bottom.

"As [designer] William Morris said: 'Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful'," Jakobsen told Dezeen.

Quido cocktail glass by Martin Jakobsen

"I tried to design a glass which is not only a result of experience and further development but still fits into my collection of glassware," he added.

Photography is by Anna Pleslova.