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Massproductions and Wästberg open joint Stockholm showroom by Guise

Stockholm 2016: Swedish design brands Massproductions and Wästberg have teamed up to open a new studio and showroom inside a Neomodernist building in Stockholm's Hammarby quay (+ slideshow).

The lighting and furniture companies share a space on the ground floor of the Allén building designed by Swedish architect Johannes Norlander.

No 51 by Massproductions, Wästberg and Guise

The No 51 showroom interior – designed by Stockholm architects Guise – aims to reflect the building's exterior.

"It's not a coincidence that we picked this area, because this used to be a very industrial area of Stockholm in the 1970s and 1980s," said Massproductions co-founder Magnus Elebäck. "What brings us together is that we're looking at the culture and industry, and making products that contribute to that."

No 51 by Massproductions, Wästberg and Guise

Inside, original elements of the building were exposed. Monolithic concrete walls are used to divide the space, and natural light pours in through a wall of windows throughout the day.

"You could call it our interpretation of Modernism 2.0," said Guise's Jani Kristoffersen. "We wanted to create a clean space with no superfluous embellishment, honest materials and clarity of function, purpose and construction."

No 51 by Massproductions, Wästberg and Guise

Offices for both companies are located behind the showroom, and are furnished and illuminated entirely by products from the both companies, including the Winkel w127 lamp and steel Tio chairs.

The similarities in both work ethic and aesthetic is what Wästberg founder Magnus Wästberg said brought the two companies together.

No 51 by Massproductions, Wästberg and Guise

"From a mentality point of view, we are very likeminded," he said. "We both have our own idiosyncratic design languages and could care less about passing fads, so in many respects we are a very good match."

"The building itself, the interior design, the products and the operations combine into a holistic representation of Massproductions' and Wästberg's work," he continued.

No 51 by Massproductions, Wästberg and Guise

Massproductions was launched in 2009 by Magnus Elebäck and Chris Martin – a year after Magnus Wästberg began his self-titled company.

Both brands recently showed products at Stockholm Furniture Fair, from 9 to 13 February, including a shelving system that doubles as a room divider and Inga Sempé's translucent glass table lamp.