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Rimartus designs kitchen based on the silhouette of a flying bird

Lithuanian design studio Rimartus looked to the shapes of flying birds to design its minimal Wing kitchen for manufacturer Imprimere (+ slideshow).

Imprimere Wing Kitchen

The entire unit has only a single fixed connection to the floor, and a floating five-metre-long countertop that stretches out like an extended wing.

The main support unit also includes a sink and hob, and a set of hidden drawers.

Imprimere Wing Kitchen

"Some years ago I was thinking about creating an organic home kitchen element that could express an impression of flight and dynamic motion," Rimartus founder Rimantas Špokas told Dezeen.

"The original idea came of a flying bird silhouette that would be suited to minimalist, clean spaces."

The studio built the kitchen with similar principles to those used in classic yacht design, creating a single piece made from an inner glued wooden frame.

Imprimere Wing Kitchen

This provides a stable support for the unit that prevents the wing from buckling, and also means there are no visible connections once the kitchen has been covered in epoxy painted plywood.

The wing unit can be paired with more traditional wall-mounted furniture, also designed by the studio.

Imprimere Wing Kitchen

"This is a different design and point of view," added Špokas. "This is a complex craftsmanship project, but this kitchen bar unit could be the key element of any minimalist interior."

Other recent kitchen designs include a set of angular units designed by Tom Dixon to resemble jagged chunks of ice, and a modular design by Tokujin Yoshioka that has smoked glass units created to show off "the beauty of kitchen tools".

Photography is by Leonas Garbačauskas.