Video: Caesarstone CEO on kitchen countertop design

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The most important tool in the kitchen is the countertop says Caesarstone CEO

Movie: Caesarstone CEO Yos Shiran reveals how the company develops and manufactures new countertop products in this exclusive video Dezeen produced for the quartz surface brand.

Caesarstone factory tour
Caesarstone's Calacatta Nuvo quartz surface countertop mimics the appearance of natural stone

Founded in 1987, Caesarstone is an international manufacturer of quartz surfaces. The company produces hard-wearing, non-porous kitchen countertops by combining powdered quartz mineral with a polymer binder.

Caesarstone CEO Yos Shiran
Caesarstone CEO Yos Shiran

"Caesarstone is 90 per cent natural quartz and 10 per cent polymer," Shiran explains in the movie. "The combination allows us to create maybe the best surface you can have for kitchens – heat resistant, stain resistant, with a very low total cost of ownership."

Caesarstone factory tour
Powdered quartz and polymer binder are mixed together and then compressed under extremely high pressure to create the company's surfaces

The company produces countertop slabs by compressing the raw materials under extremely high pressure, curing the slabs in a kiln and then polishing them.

Caesarstone factory tour
The slabs of Caesarstone are cured and polished before being stacked for shipping

By adding pigments and other additives to the mixture, Caesarstone can produce a wide range of different finishes, many of which – such as the brand's Supernatural range – recreate the look of natural stone.

Caesarstone factory tour
Caesarstone creates marble-like surfaces by adding pigments and additives to the quartz and polymer mixture

"The Caesarstone product range includes hundreds of different patterns and colours," Shiran says.

"It varies from monochromatic looks, to looks that are inspired by marble or different types of granites."

Caesarstone chief designer Mor Krisher
Caesarstone chief designer Mor Krisher

Caesarstone chief designer Mor Krisher says that demand for products that look like natural stone is increasing all the time. However, some Caesarstone products look like stone that can't actually be found in nature.

Caesarstone factory tour
Caesarstone's Tuscan Dawn quartz surface used as a countertop and wall panel

"We take several qualities from different natural stones that we like and combine them into one design," Krisher explains.

"We can create something which is natural but doesn't exist in nature. We can give people something that they can't find anywhere else."

Caesarstone factory tour
Kitchen units made from Caesarstone's Cosmopolitan White product

Caesarstone is currently able to produce around three million square metres of quartz surface a year, which it ships all over the world.

Shiran believes the company's success is partly due to the increasing importance of the kitchen in people's homes.

Caesarstone factory tour
A kitchen featuring Caesarstone's Statuario Nuvo quartz surface

"The kitchen went from a neglected part of the house to be the centre of the house surrounded by expensive apparatus," he explains. "And still, the most important tool is the kitchen countertop."

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"We are becoming trendsetters and this is of course very important to us. We will work to ensure this power of Caesarstone will continue to grow."

Caesarstone factory tour
A kitchen featuring Caesarstone's Calacatta Nuvo quartz surface

This movie was filmed by Dezeen in Israel for Caesarstone. Photographs and additional footage are courtesy of Caesarstone.