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Buck Off is the world's first sex toy for transgender men

Trans activist and entrepreneur Buck Angel has created a sex toy designed specifically for gender-transitioning men (+ slideshow).

The Buck Off is a masturbation aid made for people who have transitioned or are currently transitioning from female to male.

Buck off sex toy

The product, which Angel claims is the first of its kind, was designed in collaboration with sex toy brand Perfect Fit, and is made from the company's ultra-soft SilaSkin, a silicone composite material.

The shape of the toy is designed to be more comfortable for those experiencing the effects of testosterone as part of their transition, including the enlarging of their genitals.

Buck off sex toy

Although it is largely based on regular masturbation sleeves, the Buck Off is shorter and wider, and features a ridged inside that creates suction.

It also has the advantage of allowing transgender men to masturbate without touching their genitals directly, something Angel hopes will help individuals who don't feel comfortable with their own body.

Buck off sex toy

"A lot of people who are making or have made the transition from female to male do not want to touch their genitals," Angel told Vice. "They are very disassociated from their vaginas because it doesn't feel masculine to them."

A number of designers have sought to combat sex toy stereotypes, including Anna Maresova with her set of minimal rounded eggs and a vibrator that could be used for stimulation both internally and externally.

Buck off sex toy

More recently, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Bastiaan Buijs designed a male sex toy with a bright pink torso that can be mounted like a vaulting horse.