10 popular interiors from Dezeen's Pinterest boards featuring Pantone's colour of the year

This week, Pantone named Greenery as its colour of 2017. To celebrate, we've rounded up the best examples of interiors featuring the tangy yellow-green hue from Dezeen's Pinterest boards.


Vitus Bering Innovation Park, Denmark, by C.F. Møller

A bright green, fibre-cement staircase spirals around the atrium of this office by architecture firm CF Møller, intended to express the dynamic character of the building.

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Wienerwald Restaurant, Germany, by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Encompassing tree motifs and forest graphics, the design of this fast-food restaurant is based on nature and the forest.

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Shumis Pizzeria, Israel, by Studio OPA

An American pop culture theme features throughout this small pizzeria in Israel, where bright green paint and chairs were chosen by Studio OPA to contrast with wallpaper reminiscent of Andy Warhol's soup-can prints.

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Rosemary Works Primary School, UK, by Aberrant Architecture

A vivid shade of green was chosen by Aberrant Architecture for the walls and furniture of this London school, to pay homage to the colourful wooden barges found on the nearby canal.

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Kindergarten Sighartstein, Austria, by Kadawittfeldarchitektur

The colour green features throughout this kindergarten. It was intended by Kadawittfeldarchitektur to be reminiscent of grass, but was also selected for its psychological properties – green is widely recognised as a calming colour.

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Airbnb's London office, UK, by Threefold

Threefold worked in collaboration with Airbnb to create an office that reflects the company's "belong anywhere" ethos. The studio developed an "indoor village green" concept – a space for informal work, finished in a vivid yellow-green fabric.

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Bath House Nursery, UK, by Lipton Plant Architects

Lipton Plant Architects' design for this nursery in Hackney revolves around an indoor treehouse, which incorporates an elevated platform for quiet play and sleeping. The space features bright green paintwork behind wooden planks, resembling treetops.

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Clip Drop In, Sweden, by Sweco Architects

This salon in Umeå features trestle-like benches sheltered by a ceiling covered by 85 bright green MDF boxes. Sweco Architects developed the abstract design to create the feeling of resting under the leaves of a big tree.

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Garden House, Canada, by LGA Architectural Partners

LGA Architectural Partners applied vivid accents of tangy green throughout the interiors of this house in Toronto, reflecting its owner's love for colour and patterns. It contrasts with the stark white walls used to display artwork.

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Valldoreix House, Spain, by 05 AM Arquitectura 

This house by 05 AM Arquitectura features a number of voids and corridors that incorporate spaces to display artwork. One of the tall voids features a statement staircase enveloped by a green balustrade.

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