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CES: The Unicorn by SpeedX

SpeedX's Unicorn bicycle has a frame that softens vibrations and an inbuilt computer

Cycling brand SpeedX has revealed its latest smart bicycle, which comes equipped with an inbuilt computer and a vibration control system that helps riders deal with bumps in the road.

The Unicorn bicycle was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, and is described by SpeedX as "best looking and smartest bike ever".

The main feature of the bike is its Vibration Control System (VCS), which increases comfort when riding, through its integration with a specially engineered carbon fibre frame.

The system comprises a cutout in the lower section of the seat tube and a carbon section that acts as a shock damper, as well as a flexible seat stay and tube designed to move.

CES: The Unicorn by SpeedX

The bicycle also comes equipped with an Android-powered computer named SpeedForce, which was originally developed by SpeedX in 2015.

As well as measuring and collecting data such as speed, temperature and altitude, the device also pulls readings from an integrated power meter – allowing riders to accurately measure how hard they have worked without using third-party devices.

CES: The Unicorn by SpeedX

The computer has a wireless button on the underside of the handlebars, which allows riders to switch screens without having to touch the computer itself.

The Unicorn is available to back on Kickstarter from $3199 (approximately £2609), and will be on show at CES from 5 to 8 January.

CES: The Unicorn by SpeedX

"We have found a fine balance between the bike's performance and its price, which means making the smart road bike affordable for most people," said Raggy Lau, SpeedX's head of global marketing.

"If you compare our bike with same configuration bike from the market, ours costs half as much. And our bikes are much smarter than others."

CES: The Unicorn by SpeedX

SpeedX was founded in 2014 by cycling enthusiasts Tony Li and Jam Gao, who hoped to bring hi-tech innovations to the bicycle industry.

They first released an app for cyclists, then a bike computer that turned normal bikes into smart bikes. In March last year, SpeedX launched its first smart bike named Leopard, which became the most funded bike project ever on Kickstarter.

CES: The Unicorn by SpeedX

Other recent innovations in the cycling industry include a foldable paper helmet, a lock that makes anyone who attempts to cut through it throw up, and the world's first 3D-printed steel bicycle.