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Flexit by Pieter Peulen

Hybrid bed-desk frame by Pieter Peulen helps students make the most of tiny living spaces

A bed, desk and wardrobe are all combined into the framework of this piece of furniture, created by designer Pieter Peulen to allow students to maximise space, and on show at this year's IMM Cologne furniture fair.

Peulen, a Belgian designer, was prompted to create Flexit after finding it difficult to furnish and personalise his own student bedroom, due to lack of space.

Flexit by Pieter Peulen

"During my studies I was living in student accommodation," said Peulen. "Those rooms were hard to furnish because they were very small, hard to personalise and not flexible."

"I was looking for the perfect solution for this housing problem," he told Dezeen.

Flexit by Pieter Peulen

Flexit is made up of two compartments with a vertical frame at each end. A horizontal frame slotted between can be arranged on three levels to create a bed, a desk or a bunk bed.

A set of clips allows students to arrange a nightstand, a shelf and baskets, as well as a wardrobe and mirror in different configurations around the frame.

Flexit by Pieter Peulen

"The horizontal frame is designed in order that every standard board material perfectly fits in it," Peulen explained. "This board material can transform the frame into a desk, and you can also put a mattress on the frame and turn it into a bed."

Each frame weighs about eight kilograms and is designed to be easy to assemble – Peulen estimates that it takes only 20 minutes. The two compartments can also be separated to allow for different arrangements in various spaces.

Flexit by Pieter Peulen

"You can put the whole construction together in a room or split the compartments and put one part on the left side of the room and the other part on the right side," he continued.

"This creates endless possibilities so you can use and take Flexit with you your whole life."

Flexit by Pieter Peulen

Flexit is the latest furniture piece designed to make the most of every inch of the floors, walls and even ceilings, as living spaces get smaller and smaller.

Other recent solutions include a hanging storage system by Jordi Iranzo, a space-efficient box by Till Könneker and a shelving system that comprises three interchangeable desktops by Matej Chabera.

IMM Cologne takes place from 16 to 22 January 2017. Products launching at the fair include a collection of tables designed by architect Hans Bøllingcustomisable glass shelving by Werner Aisslinger and stools by Fabio Hendry and Martijn Rigters featuring patterns made from burnt hair.